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Section 36 - Park in Bear Valley



Current (2019-2020) documents of interest concerning Section 36:


Heritage Land Bank (HLB) Section 36 Information


HLB Wetland Mitigation Site Information Briefing Revised


Section 36 Bank Site Plan


Army Corp of Engineers Draft Comment Letter


Historic documents of interest concerning Section 36:

We will continue to update this page throughout the Master Plan process. If you have historical information, maps or documents pertaining to Section 36, please forward so that we can post to this page.


To keep updated with the MOA's current status, please go to the MOA Section 36 Master Plan.




November 24, 2009: Heritage Land Bank letter of response to Powell's regarding "Jeep Trail" in Section 36.


November 10, 2009: Public Open House for DOWL Engineering to obtain input  regarding the Park Master Plan.  Meeting at Goldenview Middle School at 5:30 - 7:00 pm. This is a MUST for ALL BEAR VALLEY RESIDENTS & PROPERTY OWNERS! Written comments are also necessary for the future of this Park and it's impact to Bear Valley.


September 29, 2009: DOWL Engineering is hosting a Section 36 site visit with Troy Duffin of Alpine Trails, Inc. of Utah. Meet at 3:00 pm at Storck Park or when the group returns at 5:30 pm. Come meet Troy and ask questions. For more information about Troy and his trails expertise go to: http://www.alpine-trails.com/home.html


Dear Southeast Park District Councils,


As Section 36 is working through its concept plans, the CAC (Community Advisory Committee) and DOWL are currently taking comments on the preliminary proposals.  Comments from your councils or individuals can be posted at the website http://www.muni.org/parks/Section36MPHome.cfm   

I hope you will all take the time to make some comments on the future of this regional parkland.  Here is a short excerpt from an earlier email from the project manager: ~ Shawna Popovici District Manager


All of these concepts are of relatively low development and are the result of our earlier CAC meeting discussions.

Please take until September 1, 2009 to review. We hope that you will solicit feedback and comments from interest groups and the public. The concepts will be posted shortly on the project website in order to get as much input as possible. http://www.muni.org/parks/Section36MPHome.cfm  


After receiving comments, I will refine the three concepts for the fall and public meetings.


July 31, 2009: Section 36 - Trail Design Standards: Outlines the different suggested trail concepts  

July 31, 2009: Section 36 - Draft Concept 1: Minimal Development  

July 31, 2009: Section 36 - Draft Concept 2: Mid-level Development  

July 31, 2009: Section 36 - Draft Concept 3: Enhanced Development  

July 31, 2009: Section 36 - Additional Information including Mapped Uses from CAC guest presentations 4/14/09


 **Important to review this map as it appears to be inaccurately depicting lack of wildlife presense in a major habitat area of Section 36**

May 12, 2009: Section 36 CAC Notes   

April 14, 2009: Section 36 CAC Draft Vision  

April 14, 2009: Section 36 CAC Visionary Notes  

April 1, 2009: Parks & Recreation Commission Section 36 Update PRC-09-17  

April 1, 2009: Anchorage Parks & Recreation 2008/2009 Park Report Card, Map & Project possibilities (link)   



December 29, 2008: Parks & Recreation Commission Section 36 Update PRC-09-01  

December 1, 2008: Parks & Recreation Commission Section 36 Update PRC08-73  

December 2008: BVCC Vice-Chair, Laurie Holland appointed to Section 36 CAC (Citizen's Advisory Committee)  

September 4, 2008: Section 36 Master Plan Newsletter  Section 36 Final Plat Page 1: Link To Section 36 Plat 2008-100 001.pdf  Section 36 Final Plat Page 2: Link To Section 36 Plat 2008-100 002.pdf  Section 36 Final Plate Page 3: Link To Section 36 Plat 2008-100 003.pdf  



September 5, 2007: MOA Planning Staff Analysis submitted to the Platting Board (Case No. S11622-1)  



August 15, 2006: Section 36 Flyer  



September 8, 2004: BVCC Section 36 Resolution    



November 2, 1995 - Section 36 Settlement Agreement

Settlement AgreementExhibit A - Designation MapAppendix A - DOWL Plat MapAppendix B - Conditions to be included in RFP, Appendix C - MOA Memo of Support"Victory with Section 36 Settlement" - By Ruth Woods published in Center News Nov/Dec 1995 issue, Contract for Professional Services with Tryck Nyman Hayes 10-10-1996,  MOA Assembly Memo No. AM 1209-95 Ratification 12-12-1995, ACE 12-14-1995 Letter RFP Committee Appointees, HLB RFP 96-2 Soils Testing & Groundwater Monitoring Services 04-30-1996, Tryck Nyman Hayes 08-23-1996 Letter - Fee Proposal Additional Information, Tryck Nyman Hayes 09-03-1996 Letter - Professional Services Fee Proposal, Memorandum of Agreement Concerning Section 36 HLB RFP 96-2 Decision Criteria 10-14-1996







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Chugiak Eagle River Advisory Board


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