Ray E. Storck 

Regional Park in Bear Valley



Ray E Storck Park Anchorage


 Park Hours are: 
7:00 am to 10:00 pm - Monday thru Sunday
  • The gate will be locked during CLOSED hours. 
  • Vehicles left in the lot will be locked in.
  • You will have to wait until park opens or call APD to open the gate.
  • You may park outside the gate after hours.



As with any volunteer-run park there is a need for volunteers to assist with 

  • picking up litter and debris one time per month.

  • reporting the volunteer activites and hours to BV Parks & Trail coordinator. This helps us with matching grants for future funding.

  • notifying the Bear Valley Parks & Trail coordinator of any safety or maintenance concerns so that we can work with Parks & Recreation to remedy them.




May 15, 2006: Anchorage Parks and Recreation has written a permit to allow ARCS Members (electric, radio controlled or hand flight gliders) into Storck Park on Sundays in the soccer field area.  Here is a list of regulations discussed with the permit holder and from the permit:


1. No gas-powered motors; electric or hand flight gliders and sailplanes only (for keeping noise to a minimum)

2. Flight must be contained over the soccer field area only

3. Only ARCS members (covered under insurance) my fly at this location, it is not a permit for public use

4. Users must have their permit on hand with them to show anyone who questions this activity

5. Flights are limited to Sundays only and during park hours

…There are more guidelines on the permit for the users to follow, but these are the basics.


March 13, 2009: BVCC  formally adopted Ray E. Stork Park in conjunction with the MOA Parks & Recreation Adopt-A-Park program.

March 13, 2009: BVCC Parks & Trail Committee organized a volunteer group to monitor Storck Park.


September 2009: Anchorage Parks & Recreation installed new playground equipment.



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