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We will continue to update this page with items from BV P&TC meetings and upcoming meeting dates. Please join us. This is your community and your voice matters.

May 7, 2011:
 Storck Park Revitalization Project - BV Project Manager Needed by May 16, 2011. Community volunteers also needed. This is a great club or group project!Letter from P&TC Coordinator, Laurie Holland.

May 11, 2009:
 CHUGACH STATE PARK CITIZENS ADVISORY BOARD MEETING - The Chugach State Park Citizens Advisory Board will be holding their monthly meeting on Monday, May 11th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in room # 240 in the Atwood Building downtown located at 550 W. 7th Ave.


Meetings are open to the public and generally are held the second Monday of each month between August and June. For more information please visit our Citizens Advisory Board web site.

August 2008:
 BV Parks & Trail Committee Organizational Meeting Agenda

May 2008:
 Municipality of Anchorage Parks & Recreation Strategic Master Plan 05-2008


Open Posting:  Bear Valley Community Council has formed the BVCC Parks & Trails Committee

With the access to CSP at Brewster's which could mean construction of a major use trailhead aka Glenn Alps, Section 36 plans for development, and the potential for other trail, trailheads and access points, there is a lot going on with parks and park access in BV.


The committee will represent the residents of BV and act as a liaison between State Parks, the Municipality, Heritage Land Bank, and other access groups.  It will also address forming and maintaining local trails and area parks.  


If you would like to participate in this committee please send an e-mail to Laurie Holland, committee chair BVCC.ViceChair@yahoo.com.  Laurie is also a member of the Section 36 CAC.


The more diverse of a group participating the better represented BV will be, so if your issue is the increased traffic on already inadequate roads, noise, trailhead oversight and maintenance, maintaining existing access points, or what kind of park Section 36 will become please join in.



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