2022 Solarize Program - Check out this link for info on bringing solar to your home/business and this last (?) year for Federal tax credits on home solar installations: https://akcenter.org/climate-clean-energy/solarize-anchorage/
2021 Solarize Anchorage Program
Rabbit Creek homeowners may again participate in this program, along with homeowners elsewhere in the Muni. Check here for program schedule, and keep checking back as details are finalized: 
2020 Solarize Rabbit Creek Program
Several solar seminars are now scheduled on Zoom to inform you about the program and answer your questions in time to sign up for an analysis this spring.
(Sign up by May 15th for a $600 discount off the already low price.)  All 2020 installations qualify for a 26% Federal tax rebate! Here is a flyer if you'd like to print out information. You can also help by sharing this with your neighbors. 
The Alaska Center, in partnership with Alaska Solar and Solarize Rabbitt Creek volunteers, is hosting educational workshops where you can meet Alaska Solar, ask questions, and learn more about the exclusive pricing for Solarize participants. Pick any meeting time that meets your schedule, but remember, early birds get the discount and earlier installation for quicker savings!)

The links below will take you to the meeting set up site, where you can follow some simple directions to log in. The Meeting  IDs may be needed within the log in process.


The Selection Committee reviewed proposals, interviewed installers, and has selected Alaska Solar for the Solarize Rabbitt Creek campaign!  


This will be Alaska Solar's third summer participating in Solarize Anchorage and they are looking forward to working with your community. You can learn more about Alaska Solar at https://aksolarpower.com/. Alaska Solar is ready to start site-assessments for the summer install season.


If you are interested in receiving a no-contract required and customized solar quote for your home, please fill out this form.


Alaska Solar is offering an early bird discount of $600 if you sign your contract before May 15th, 2020. If you are interested in receiving a quote for your home, sign up for a site-assessment on the form provided above and an Alaska Solar representative will reach out for additional information. 


Thank you for your continued interest in the community-driven campaign to bring down the cost of residential solar panels. We look forward to seeing how many Rabbitt Creek residents invest in solar! If you have any questions about solar or how to participate in the Rabitt Creek program, please reach out to https://aksolarpower.com/


For a council contact, you can reach out to Joel Cladouhos  (joelcladouhos@gmail.com 907-244-2123).


Old News


Congratulations! Rabbit Creek is officially in the Solarize Anchorage program!!! Four neighborhoods qualified, including Rabbit Creek, Abbott Loop, Bayshore/Klatt and University/Tudor.


Interested in participating in Solarize Rabbit Creek in 2020? This means adding solar panels to your home as part of a neighborhood group, so in addition to the standard 26% Federal Tax Rebate, the group will receive an addtional approximately 10% off of each participant's solar package/install! Discount will depend on how many members and the cumulative total KW of solar power installed in the neighborhood.


This will be the third year of this program which has already brought solar power to about 200 homes in Airport Heights (pilot 2018 program), Turnagain, South Addition, Rogers Park, and Spenard (2019 program). For more information on the overall program: https://akcenter.org/climate-clean-energy/solarize-anchorage/


We have a list of interested folks and will not need actual commitments until February 2020 after an RFP for a solar contractor has gone out, responses are reviewed by a neighborhood committee, and a selection is made. But we need a few more folks on our list ASAP to ensure we can participate as a neighborhood. If interested or you have questions, please call or email your name, email address, and phone number, ASAP, to Ann Rappoport (annr.rccc@gmail.com 907-230-3187) or Joel Cladouhos  (joelcladouhos@gmail.com 907-244-2123).





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