Name Description
2021-21 RCCC Comments Draft HLB 2022 Annual Work Program.pdf RCCC Comments to Heritage Land Bank on their Draft HLB 2022 Annual Work Program
2021-20 RCCC Comments MTP2050 Goals_Objectives.pdf RCCC Comments to AMATS on Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2050 Goals & Objectives
2021-19 RCCC Prelim Comments to Planning Taras Subd.pdf RCCC Preliminary Comments to Planning on Taras/Tract A River Hills Subdivision, prior to proposed plat submission
2021-18 RCCC ltr to AMATS re public comment.pdf RCCC request to AMATS for a longer - 45-day - public comment period on MTP2050 Goals & Objectives and other phases.
2021-17 RCCC comments on AMATS TIP Scoring Criteria Update_signed.pdf RCCC comments and recommendations on draft 2023-2026 Transportation Improvement Program proposed Scoring Criteria update
2021-14 Bear issues Porcupine Trail.docx Letter to ADF&G about bears issues on Porcupine Trail, suggesting studies and mitigation needed
2021-16 Schmidt Rec_Resilience Comm work.pdf Letter to UAA documenting Dr. Jen Schmidt's contributions to RCCC's Resilience Committee and beyond, particularly re fire risk and fire mitigation.
2021-15 Windy Cor rev final.pdf Comments to ADOT&PF on their Windy Corner MP 1-5-109.5 Revised Scoping
2020-11 RCCC Supports Potter Marsh Improvements_Legislature.pdf Requests Legislative Finance Committees support $620,000 needed to complete Potter Marsh improvements
2021-13 Sky Ridge comments to PZC.pdf Opposition to amendment to HDP sewerage boundary and request for rezone; support for pedestrian connection and landscaping.
2021-12 River Hills St Light Variance - signed.pdf Request to Planning to remove the street light requirement for the River Hills Estates subdivision
FINAL RCCC Surveys 2022 CIP results.pdf Results from RCCC 2022 CIP survey as submitted to the Municipality
2021-10 Revised Scoping Windy Corner to Rainbow MP105-109-FINAL.pdf Comments on revised scoping, including project expansion and potential consideration of a multi-use trail, alternate rock quarry, for Windy Corner project, MP 105-109
2021-9 Proposed Changes to AK Admin Code - snowmobiles and ATVs_signed.pdf Provided comments to State on their proposed changes to the Admin Code re allowing snowmobiles, 4-wheelers on streets
2021-8 PZC 2021-0039 Small Area Implementation Plan Ordinance.pdf Comments on proposed changes to Muni Code, Title 21 to create a Small Area Implementation Process to facilitate infill and compact redevelopment
2021-6 AMATS Amendment 2 to TIP.pdf Comments to AMATS on amendment #2 to the TIP - Rabbit Creek Rd, Mountain Air Dr, Vanguard/Academy Drives
2021-7 Palaterra Subdivision S12607_signed.pdf Comments to Platting Board on proposed Palaterra Subdivision with concerns on drainage, slope, and trail needs.
2021 Hillside Wildfire Awareness.pdf RCCC Hillside Wildfire Awareness flyer
2021 RCCC Gmail - Anchorage Hillside Resilience FireWise Awareness Meeting Notes 3-15.pdf RCCC gmail recap of Firewise committee meeting and list of upcoming meeting dates
2021-5 RCCC re SB74_Potter Marsh improvements.pdf Comments to State Senate Transportation Committee on proposed SB74 - to support $620 K addition to complete Potter Marsh Site Improvements Project No. 74150-1.
2021-1_RCCC River Hills street light.pdf Request that Muni Platting delete the condition for a street light in the approved River Hills plat, S12582.
2021-4 Spruce Terraces S12599 rev request.pdf Comments on Spruce Terraces revised plat S12599
2021-3 RCCC comments Non_motor Plan_signed.pdf RCCC comments to AMATS on draft Non-Motorized Plan
2021-2 RCCC comments Title 21 Amend_Homeless Facilities.pdf RCCC comments of proposed amendment to Title 21 to allow Homeless and Transient Shelter in B-3 zoned areas, with other limitations

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