Name Description
RCCC 2024 Resilience Comm Goals_Addit Resources.jpeg Resilience Comm Goals_Addit Resources
RCCC 2024 Resilience Comm Resources.jpeg.pdf Resilience Comm Goals ad Additional Resources
RCCC 2024 Resilience Comm Calendar.jpeg Annual Schedule Hillside Awareness & Hazard Awareness Programs
NoiseReceivers_PotterMarsh.pdf Map_locations of noise monitors around Potter Marsh
SSH reponses to RCCC follow-up questions.pdf Responses re locations of noise monitors_wildlife movements
Project Anchorage Press Release 6.11.24[100].pdf AEDC proposal for 3% sales tax
Choosing and Retaining Judges in AK.pdf Presentation for June 13, 2024 RCCC meeting
Shangri La Follow Up letter 5-15-24.pdf Summary of questions/responses re proposed Shangri La Subdivision, May 9th RCCC mtg
ADOT 2024 Construction projects.pdf List of ADOT's projects during 2024 construction season
2024-6 RCCC 2024-045 comments to Assembly.pdf RCCC Board comments to Assembly, AO2024-45 Amending Title 21
2024-0067 Updated_Amend LUP for HOME initiative.pdf 4/23/24 Laid on Table Assembly proposed amendment to LUP to implement HOME initiative - for PZC Hearing 5_20_24
5_9_24 notice_Shangri La East Subdiv presentation.pdf Map showing area for proposed Shangri La East subdivision, 9 lots
Gmail - Prop 1_School Bond_security and safety.pdf Info on School Bond (Prop 1) - safety and security projects
Prop 7 Cemetery Bond.jpg Info on Prop 7, Cemetery Bond, for April 2, 2024 Election ballot
Info on Prop 4_Parks Bond.docx Description of Parks Bond (Prop 4) on April 2, 2024 Election ballot
2024-00 HOME initiative.pdf Scroll down to link at bottom. Document includes 3 versions. The current one to review is pp 44-76, with some additional explanations on pp 77-82.
HALO Resolution PZC Case 2024-0006 on AO2023-87(S) Home DRAFT 2-1-24.docx DRAFT Resolution from HALO opposing AO 2023-87(S) as proposed - it ignores Hillside District Plan
ASD Feb 2024 update.pdf Anchorage School District Feb update
ADOT response to RCCC comments on STIP 2831_001.pdf ADOT response to RCCC comments on 2024-27 State Transportation Improvement Program
2024_1_8 Potter Ridge Commun Mtg Summ.pdf Questions and answers with developer re Potter Ridge proposed subdivision up Potter Valley Road
Summary_DRAFT Comments on Heritage Land Bank 2024 Work Plan and 2025.pdf Summary Draft Comments on HLB 2024 Work Program & 2024-29 Mgt Plan
Rabbit Creek Meeting Summary 12-15-23.pdf Developer's summary of Potter Ridge presentation.
8 Jan 2024 Presentation - Subdiv Tract A-1 View Point South_Potter Highlands.pdf Developers community meeting on Subdiv Tract A-1, View Point South (Potter Highlands) into 14 lots, 2 remaining tracts
DRAFT RCCC Recs_AO 2023_103S.pdf DRAFT Recommendations to Assembly on new substitute AO 2023-103 re 3- and 4-plex design standards
Bishop Draft 12_10_23.pdf Requesting Legislature fund maintenance of Canyon Rd inside Chugach State Park
Potter Highlands Prelim P4 12-11-23.pdf Preliminary plat for Potter Highlands/Ridge Subdivision
RPCC Resolution 2022-04 In Support of Full Funding of Public Education.pdf Rogers Park CC Resolution for Full Education Funding
2023-020 PZC approvced 3_ and 4_ plex proposal 2023_103.pdf Planning & Zoning Commission approval of AO 2023-103(S) to rezone 3- & 4-plexes like single family homes
2023-0127 Substitute 2023_103 Assembly re 3_ 4_plexes.pdf Substitute proposal on allowing 3- & 4-plexes to be zoned like single family residences
SSH public meetings W98-118_FLYER.pdf Notice for Anchorage 12/5 Open House and Online open houses: Safer Seward Highway MP 98.5-118
2023_11 Assembly DRAFT_Strategic_Plan.01.pdf Assembly proposed Draft Housing Action Plan Strategic Plan
2023-11-9 RCCC bullets_Assembly Housing Action Strategic Plan.pdf Draft comments on Assembly Draft Housing Action Strategic Plan
Assembly Member Randy Sulte report_RCCC 11_ 9_23.pdf Assembly Report from Member Sulte for RCCC mtg
2023-11-9 RCCC draft Proposed support_ Potter Marsh Watershed Park.pdf Background, concerns, responses re Potter Marsh Watershed Park
Bios for RCCC Board Elections_Nov 2023.pdf Brief bios - 7 candidates for 7 RCCC Board seats
23Oct 2023-1023 Members Sulte_STR Zaletel/Sulte letter inviting input now on proposed Short-Term Rental ordinance
23Oct AO_2023-110_Short Term Rental Licensing.pdf Assembly proposed regulations/permitting of Short-Term Rentals; hearing on 12/5/23
pg 2 Proposed Potter Marsh Watershed Park 10_2023.jpeg Proposed Potter Marsh Watershed Flyer_pg. 2
Proposed Potter Marsh Watershed Park 10_2023.jpeg.jpeg Proposed Potter Marsh Watershed Flyer_pg. 1
Cenral Transfer Station FLYER_9_2023.pdf Anchorage Central Transfer Station info
Trash is Treasure Poster 11 x 17 (11 × 17 cm).pdf Recycling options in Anchorage
Anch recycling plastics 1 and 2 only.pdf Chart showing types of plastic and which can be recycled in Anchorage
Jen Schmidt RCCC mtg_Oct_2023.pdf Wildfire preparedness and fire modeling
GLT Project Overview for RCCC 10.11.23.pdf Great Land Trust overview: Potter Marsh Watershed Park
2023-22 RCCC comments on Draft 2050 MTP.pdf RCCC comments on the 2050 Draft Metropolitan Transportation Plan
Anch School District_9_2023 CC Report, Bellamy.pdf ASD Report
Development of Assembly District 6 Position on Homelessness.pdf Description of process for Assembly District 6 development of a position on homelessness and RCCC involvement
AO 2023-87 Zoning proposal_replacement text only.pdf Assembly proposed ordinance AO 2023-87 'HOME' (Housing Opportunities in the Municipality for Everyone) initiative: amending and repealing code, showing new text only
RCCC draft comments AO 2023-87 Zoning.docx RCCC preliminary reflection on Assembly proposed AO 2023-87 'HOME' (Housing Opportunities in the Municipality for Everyone) initiative: amending and repealing code to realign residential zoning with 2020 Comp Plan Goals and 2040 Land Use Plan
updated BLM Application to Lease_signed.pdf Muni request to lease BLM lot at Old Seward/Rabbit Ck Rds on behalf of RCCC
AO 2023-66 Revising R Zoning Weddleton to ADN 7-9-23.docx Weddleton Commentary re AO 2023-66 is misguided
Anchorage Fire Dept locations.docx Map with addresses on back
Compost_Vermiculture classes.docx Free classes - schedule & info
John Weddleton sub for AO 2023-66.docx Substitute AO calls for funding process to involve citizens in process to create Anch 2050 - Comp Plan & Vision
Wildfire_Egress_Appendicies_Final_w_Appendicies.pdf Final Wildfire/Egress Report with Appendices, May 2023
2023-0059 Reviewing Agency Routing.pdf Mountain Air Drive Extension report for Planning and Zoning Commission review and approval July 8, 2023
Mtn Air Drive Preliminary Concept.pdf Preliminary Concept for Mtn Air Dr extension form 4/25/23 2nd Open House
4_25_23_MountainAirDr_OpenHouse2_MtgSummary.pdf Summary with drawings, Mountain Air Drive Extension 2nd Open House, 4/25/23
Summary of Firewise Sat_5_6_23.docx Highlights from May 6, 2023, Firewise Saturday at Hilltop
JBER Connect iSportsman.pdf Links to info about JBER activities, iSportsman, jobs and everything at JBER
Flyer - Firewise Saturday 2023 - Rev 1.pdf Sat, May 6th, 11 am - 3 pm at Hilltop - Firewise demonstrations and information
Flyer - Firewise Workshop Online April 25, 2023.pdf 4/25/23 Firewise workshop - online/Zoom - 6:30-8:30 pm
Wildfire_Egress_Rabbit_Creek.pdf Wildfire/Egress Study by ISER - Presentation at 4/13/23 RCCC Meeting
2023-4-14 RCCC disc SaferSewardHwy.docx DRAFT Initial comments on Purpose & Need, Alternatives, other issues - Safer Seward Hwy, MP 118-98.5
Gmail - Advance questions_Rabbit Ck Rd Rehabilitation project.pdf Questions submitted by RCCC to ADOT re Rabbit Ck Rd Rehabilitation project
2023.04.13_FactSheet_Rabbit Creek Rehab.pdf ADOT Fact Sheet on Rabbit Ck Rd Rehabilitation Project, updated 4/13/23
Recreating on military lands_Apr 2023.pdf Info for accessing iSportsman app and JBER Connect
23Apr15 Free Clinic - Patient Invite.pdf Info on 4/15 and 4/16/23 Free clinic - medical, dental, vision
Prop 12_Prop Tax Exemption info.pdf Explanation about how proposed Prop. 12 Property Exemption increase, would affect property owners
Safer Seward Highway_website 3_8_23.pdf Safer Seward Highway project, MP 98.5 - 118, project website
OSH Pavement Maintenance Factsheet March 2023.pdf AMATS project - Old Seward Highway Pavement Maintenace, Project Fact Sheet, March 2023
AK Long Trail_Oceanview BLuff Park to Potter Marsh.pdf Map of proposed AK Long Trail project: Oceanview Bluff Park to north end Potter Marsh
ADOT_Mt.Air_Rabbit.Creek_2023.02.09.pdf ADOT Presentation on Mtn. Air Drive extension, more info:
AO 2023-xxx_1_Park Access Service Proposed Assembly ordinance to create an Anchorage Bowl Chugach State Park Access Service Area
AO 2023-xxx_2_AM_Park Access Service Area AM_1-5-23.docx Assembly Memorandum supporting creation of an Anchorage Bowl Chugach State Park Access Service Area
AO 2023-xxx_3_Exh A_CSPark Access Service Area.docx Map of proposed Anch Bowl Chugach State Park Access Service Area
2023 RCCC Board elections_candidate bios.pdf Short bios on 2023 Board candidates
2022-22 RCCC requests Assembly increase fines for noisy vehicle violations.pdf Request for Assembly to increase citation fine for noisy vehicles as better deterrent
Nov News from JBER including Veterans Day.docx
USAF Flight Training high school program_ apps due 12_10_22.pdf
JBER Financial Intern opportunity PCIP Flyer.pdf
S12704 Shangri La East_Reviewing Agy Routing.pdf Proposed plat - Shangri La East, 7 lots and reserved wetland tract; platting hearing 12/7/22
Community Council Boundaries 10-Year Review - 11-4-2022 Letter to Officers.pdf Comments requested by mid-Dec; draft maps to be released Jan. 2023
AIM 070-2022 Mandatory Community Council Boundary Review.pdf Assembly Info Memo No. 70-2022, Mandatory Community Council Boundary Review, info and schedule
S12704 Draft comments Shangri La East proposed plat.docx Draft comments on proposed Shangri La East plat: 7-lots w/ reserved wetland
20221106 Cemetery Bond FS .pdf Flyer documenting need and support for a cemetery bond for Anchorage
GBOS 2022-20 Girdwood Cemetery bonding 2023.pdf Resolution by Girdwood Board of Supervisors for an areawide bond proposal for cemeteries in Anchorage, including in Girdwood
10.7.22_FLYER Schools on Trails_FINAL.pdf Flyer with info on tr=he Schools on Trails initiative to connect Goldenview Middle School, Bear Valley Elementary, Section 36 Park, and neighborhoods. See 'Schools on Trails' tab on right for more info.
General Location Map_Schools on Trails.jpg Map showing the general location for the Schools on Trails initiative to connect Goldenview Middle School, Bear Valley Elementary, Section 36 Park, and neighborhoods.
10_20_22 GreatAlaskaShakeOut.docx Information on the Anchorage and nationwide earthquake drill and information sharing event on October 20, 2022.
2022_10_10 Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration Monday at Potter Marsh.pdf Celebrate Indigenous People's Day at Potter Marsh! Monday, October 10th, 4:30-5:30 pm.
2022 Letter Commending AFD and APD for July 4th Fireworks Message.pdf Letter Thanking AFD and APD for 4th of July Fireworks ban messages
RCCC Resilience Committee - DRAFT Resolution on Emergency Communications 20220902.pdf Resilience Committee ER Communications budget request
2022-8-31 Comments on ADUs ver 2.pdf Comments - Accessory Dwelling Units, Amend Title 21.05.070.D.1
2022-02 Resolution - Update to Noisy Vehicles Law_signed.pdf Status of Resolution supporting improved enforcement of noisy vehicles ordinance, including purchasing additional noise meters? Resubmit with update re noisy unsafe motorcycles/vehicles in RCCC area.
RCCC Resilience Comm - DRAFT Resolution on Emergency Communications 2022_8_10.docx Draft for discussion - Resolution on Emergency Communications from the Resilience Committee
Shangri La E Prelim Plat meeting 6_30_22.pdf Draft plat proposal Shangri La Subdivision
Shagri La Follow Up letter_Boutet Co_7_7_22.pdf 6_30_22 Community Meeting Summary - Proposed Shangri La Subdivision
Burlwood Subdiv prelim Meeting 6_30_22.pdf Burlwood (Jaamly) Subdivision draft plat
Burlwood Follow Up letter_Boutet Co_7_7_22.pdf 6_30_22 Community Meeting Summary - Proposed Burlwood (Jaamly) Subdivision
S12671 late comments.pdf Additional comments submitted for Staff Report, S 12671, Taras Subdivision
S12671 staff report2.pdf Planning Staff Report on S 12671 Taras Subdivision, hearing postponed to 9/7/22
Upper Canyon Rd_Glen Alps Service Area needs.pdf Consider submitting comments in support of Glen Alps Service Area request to approve Canyon Road with available Road Service Area funds.
DRAFT MTP 2050 project nominations.pdf DRAFT list of road and trail projects to nominate for the 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan - DUE July 11
2022-11 RCCC comments on Taras Subd.pdf RCCC preliminary comments on proposed Taras Subdivision, prior to having a case number
RCCC making a difference on transportation planning.pdf 6/9/22 AMATS meeting - RCCC recommendations on Transportation Planning that have received preliminary approval
DRAFT OSOVCC Brown Jug Resolution #2022-01.pdf Old Seward Oceanview CC Resolution opposes transfer of liquor license to permit a Brown Jug in Huffman Business Park
S12677 Mtn Air Estates 2_Reviewing Agency Routing.pdf Plat application, Mountain Air Estates #2, 6 lots, Rabbit Creek Road and Snowflake Drive
S12671 Taras Subdivision Plat Application.pdf Plat Application for Taras Subdivision, 5 lots, 156th and Windsong
AK Natural Burial Summary.pdf AK Natural Burial - Conservation Cemetery proposal, 1 pg. summary with photos
Draft -- HLB Request for Disposal 5.4.22_conservation cemetary.docx DRAFT Alaska Natural Burial's Request for Disposal of HLB Parcel #2-156 to establish and operate a Conservation Burial Cemetary
2050 MTP Public Workshop 5_11_22.pdf Virtual at 11 am; in-person 6 pm, Fairview Rec Center - Improve our transportation system!
AMATS Winter road maintenance forum.png Details for this May 10th, noon-2 pm virtual event at
Sample letter to Senate Finance Comm supporting RCCC CAPSIS.pdf Sample letter - write Senate Finance Committee in support of RCCC priority CAPSIS proposals; see second page for email addresses
Summary_Draft comments 2023-2026 TIP.pdf Summary comments on 2023-26 Transportation Improvement Program for RCCC discussion; details on pp 2-3
2021 RCCC Activities - Summary.docx Summary of RCCC's activities in 2021, provided to FCC per their request, 4/3/22
2022-3-10 RCCC discussion on MTP 2050 PM and SC.docx DISCUSSION OF Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2050 for March 10, 2022 meeting
2022_2_10 ASD updates from Kelly Lessons, ASD Board.pdf Latest info on Anchorage School District - important dates/activities - plus School Bond to be on April 5th election ballot!
2022-2-10 RCCC discussion of T23 and T21 omnibus bills.docx Proposed RCCC comments supporting some and opposing other proposed changes in Omnibus Title 23 (Building) and Title 21 (Land Use) updates
Initial 2022 Election Center Tour Schedule Final.pdf Schedule for tours of Anchorage Election Center
BallotTrackingHandout.pdf Info on tracking your ballot for upcoming April 5th, 2022 Muni election
2022-04 RCCC to AMATS Bike_Ped re OSH.pdf RCCC request that Anchorage Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee nominate Old Seward Highway along Potter Marsh as one of their five High Priority Bicycle Projects for inclusion in the 2023-26 Transportation Improvement Program.
OSH PM Factsheet_012022.pdf Old Seward Highway Pavement Preservation project fact sheet, January 2022
2022-0128 Summary Report Re Anchorage Reapportionment options.pdf Summary report for Assembly 1_28_22 Reapportionment Committee meeting with suggested map options
2022-0107 Reapportionment Timeline and Public Participation Options.jpg Timeline for Town Halls, Public Meetings, and Plan adoption for Muni Reapportionment, 2020 Census
Ombudsman Memo - Noisy Vehicles.pdf Ombudsman's report recommending improvements to noise control and muffler/exhaust system regulations
2022-02 Resolution - Update to Noisy Vehicles Law.docx Proposed Resolution, supporting other Community Councils, in requesting an update to allow more effective enforcement of vehicle noise regulations
2022-1 RCCC request for CAPSIS listing for Potter Marsh south end infrastructure.docx Request for CAPSIS funding to complete visitor pullout with pedestrian features at south end Potter Marsh, Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge
2022-1 Potter Marsh pullout design w pedestrian features.png Design with pedestrian features for visitor pullout, south end Potter Marsh, Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge
2022_RCCC Social Media Annual Plan.pdf 2022 Social Media Plan for review/approval at Jan. 13, 2022 RCCC Meeting
2021-1123 MOA Reapportionment Fact Sheet.pdf Fact Sheet on current process for reapportionment in the Muni
DRAFT Comments on HLB 2022 Annual Work Program.docx DRAFT comments on Heritage Land Bank Draft 2022 Annual Work Plan
DRAFT MTP2050 G&O for mtg.docx DRAFT comments to AMATS on the Metropolitan Transportation Plan's Draft 2050 Goals & Objectives
Bios for 2022 RCCC Candidates.pdf Bios for 2022 RCCC Board candidates
21 Nov 2021-11-9 RCCC to MOA - Taras.pdf Letter to Planning Department RE: Taras/Tract A River Hills Subdivision
DRAFT Comments MTP 2050 Goals_Objs.docx Preliminary DRAFT comments on Goals and Objectives for the Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2050
RCCC Social Media Policy_DRAFT.pdf RCCC Social Media Policy - DRAFT for discussion/approval at November 11, 2021 RCCC Meeting
2021-11-4 RCCC Scoping comments for Mtn Air Drive.docx DRAFT scoping comments for Mountain Air Drive Extension - Rabbit Ck Road to 162nd Ave.
2021_RCCC Social Media Annual Plan.pdf DRAFT Social Media Plan for discussion at November 11, 2021 RCCC Meeting
2021_10_RCCC Social Media Update.pptx.pdf Social Media updated presented at 10/14/21 RCCC Meeting
10-18-21 Final Commentary for ADN .docx Homelessness - Commentary submitted to ADN by several CCs supporting and adding to findings of Admin/Assembly Facilitated Discussion Process
Draft Considerations Tract A River Hills Estates_rev.pdf Preliminary considerations regarding River Hills Tract A proposed subdivision
2021-0126, T-21 changes,details.pdf 2021-0126 - Proposed changes to Title 21 of potential interest to RCCC
Facilitated_proposed approach for Homelessness 10_5_21.pdf Presentation on Assembly/Administration Facilitated Decision Process for a Sullivan Arena Mass Care Exit Strategy and Long Term Intervention for Homelessness
Tract A River Hills Estates Aerial.PNG Aerial view of proposed Tract A River Hills Estates, N of 156th, E of Bay View Circle
20198_TARAS-Pre-Plat_24x36.pdf Tract A River Hills proposed subdivision lots with elevations and proposed plat notes
20198 Zoning EXHIBT A-Taras Subdv.pdf Tract A River Hills Subdivision proposed lot layout with acreages
Farpoint Land Services 156th Project overview.pdf 9/24/21 letter from Farpoint Land Services requesting time at RCCC meeting to review proposed Tract A River Hills Estates Subdivision
FactSheet_MountainAir_9-22-2021.pdf Fact Sheet on Mountain Air Drive Extension project for 1st (Virtual) Public Meeting - Mon., Oct. 25th, 5:30-7 pm
ADFG response to 2021-14 Bear issues on Porcupine Trail.pdf ADFG response to RCCC July 6, 2021, letter regarding bear issues on Porcupine Trail
2021-9-9 RCCC TIP scoring criteria discussion.docx Background on Transportation Improvement Program scoring criteria for discussion at 9/9/21 RCCC Meeting
RCCC Projects for Legislators_7_28_21.pdf RCCC area current projects and top Capital Improvement Projects discussed with Senator Holland and Representative Kaufman, 7/28/21 by RCCC Board Co-Chair and Resilience and Land Use & Transportation Committee members
Old Rabbit Creek_Plans.pdf Engineering plans for 'earthquake repair' on Old Rabbit Creek Road
2021-15 Windy Corner MP 105-109_Rev scoping signed.pdf Comments on revised scoping for Windy Corner ADOT project, MP 105-109.5
2021 RCCC Resiliency Committee Goals.pdf 2021 Resilience Committee goals included in RCCC priorities presented to Senator Holland and Rep. Kaufman at a July 28th meeting.
Flyer - Firewise Saturday 2021 RevA.pdf List of events and details for July 31, 2021 Firewise event at Trinity Church
ADFG Contacts for Community Councils.png ADFG contacts for wildlife issues in Anchorage, public safety and education
2022 Summary RCCC CIP ranking.pdf Ranked list - 2022 CIP Survey results
FINAL RCCC Surveys 2022 CIP results.pdf Final 2022 CIP Survey results with all notes and details
2022 CIP Summary Chart results 5_31_21.pdf Results of 2022 Capital Improvement Projects Survey in chart format
2022 CIP list to rank_Project descriptions w_2021 ranking.docx List of 2022 Capital Improvement Projects to rank - background doc with project descriptions and rank given each by RCCC last year (2020)
2021_RCCC Social Media Annual Plan_DRAFT.pdf Draft RCCC Social Media Plan.
20210-3-08_MOA_Snow_Disposal_FAQs_Final.pdf MOA FAQ sheet on proposal for West Anchorage Snow Disposal site in Connor's Bog.
HLB_Solar Farm Lease—CG_TCC comments.pdf Information sheet on Land Use Planning Documents related to planned solar farm development for Strawberry Bog (comments compiled by Turnagain Community Council).
W. Anchorage Snow Disposal Site Selection 11-23-20 Turnagain CC comment letter.pdf Letter from the Turnagain Community Council on proposed West Anchorage Snow Disposal Draft Site Selection Study.
2021-4-8 RCCC draft letter for Palaterra S12607.pdf RCCC draft public comment letter on plat application for the Palaterra Subdivision, Case No. S12607
2020-12-10 Draft RCCC Sky Ridge rezone.pdf Draft Comments on Cases 2021-0007 and 2021-0008 to rezone two R6 lots to R7 and extend sewer.
2020-18 RCCC DRAFT to Support Local Landmark Register.pdf Draft Comments on Cases 2021-0007 and 2021-0008 to rezone two R6 lots to R7 and extend sewer.
2020-18 RCCC DRAFT to Support Local Landmark Register.pdf Draft letter in support of Muni's proposed Local Landmark Register, a voluntary program to recognize cultural, historic, natural features.
2021-2 Draft LUTC letter on homeless.pdf RCCC draft comments recommending additional planning and public involvement in supporting Title 21 Amendment to expand homeless facility zones
2021 Preliminary List RCCC issues for Legislators.pdf Preliminary list of RCCC issues for legislators - 2021
2021-6 DRAFT AMATS Amendment to TIP.pdf Draft comments on amendment to AMATS tip- Rabbit Crk Rd, Mtn Air Dr, Academy/Vanguard Dr
2021_02_RCCC Social Media Considerations.pptx Draft Social Media plan for RCCC - presented at 3/11/21 RCCC Meeting
2021-5 RCCC re SB74_Potter Marsh improvements.pdf Comments for Senate Transportation Committee hearing on proposed SB74, supporting addition of $620 K to complete Potter Marsh Site Improvements Project No. 74150-1
2021-1_RCCC S12582 River Hills street light_signed.pdf Requesting Muni to remove street light requirement from River Hills plat
2021-2 RCCC comments Title 21 Amend_Homeless Facilities.pdf RCCC comments of proposed amendment to Title 21 to allow Homeless and Transient Shelter in B-3 zoned areas, with other limitations
2021-3 RCCC comments Non_motor Plan.pdf RCCC comments to AMATS on draft Non-Motorized Plan
2021-4 Spruce Terraces S12599 rev request.pdf Comments on Spruce Terraces revised plat S12599
3_3_21 Palaterra Community mtg summary.pdf Summary of S4 community presentation on proposed Palaterra Subdivision, 3/4/21
Palaterra Preliminary Plat.pdf Proposed plat for 17-acre tract - S of DeArmoun, N of Our Own Lane, SW of Hillside/DeArmoun/Rabbit Ck intersection
Wika_Stipulated Order_Villlages Scenic.pdf 2/18/21 Stipulated Order Resolving Complaint of Municipal Code Violation - Villages Scenic Parkway
Spruce Terrace Traffic Analysis_April_2018.pdf Spruce Terrace Subdivison, 2018 Traffic Analysis
Notice of 3_3_21 S4 presentation.pdf Notice of S4 Group Community Meeting on proposed Palaterra Subdivision Platting Action, 3/3/21, 7pm
2021-3 RCCC draft NMP comments.docx Draft RCCC comments on Muni Non-Motorized Plan - recommended policies and projects
S12420_Spruce Terrace subdivision_updated application.pdf Proposed Revisions to Spruce Terraces Subdivision, Lots 1-27, MOA Case S-12420, 12/21/20
Villages Scenic_Request for hearing_LUE119090.pdf Villages View Estates Tract B - 12/7/20 Hearing Request, LUE 119090
Villages Scenic_Charging Doc_LUE119090.pdf Villages View Estates Tract B - LUE 119090 - Violation - Charging Document
2020-12-10 DRAFT RCCC Non-motorized corridor policy pts.docx Draft comments to Muni Non-Motorized Transportation Plan planners recommending use of existing undeveloped ROWS and Section Line easements, and related policies.
12_9_20 RCCC followup_Villages View EstatesCode Violation_Escalation.msg 12-9-20 email from RCCC to MOA Requesting a meeting with MOA Building Safety and Planning to follow up on our questions/concerns about Villages View Estates Track B Code Violations - questions attached
Appendix F_HLB response to comments on HLB 2021 Program_2022-26 Mgt Plan.pdf Appendix F to Heritage Land Bank Draft 2021 Annual Work Program & 2022-2026 5-yr Management Plan - Issue/Response to comments
2020_16 RCCC River Hills plat comments-signed.pdf RCCC Comments to PZC on proposed River Hills Plat, S-12582, submitted 12/15/20
2020_17_RCCC Comments on HLB 2021 Annual_2022-26 5-yr Mgt Plan signed-signed.pdf RCCC Comments on HLB Draft 2021 Annual Work Program & 2022-2026 5-yr Mgt Plan - Submitted 12/5/20
20 Ltr_STIP_Need ID 29731-30689_Comment Response_RCCC.pdf Response from DOTPF to RCC re STIP project Seward Rd. to O'Malley
2019, HLB Wk Plan cmts.pdf HLB 2019 Comments
Kelly Lessens Listens.pdf School Board Candidate Kelly Lessens - Meetings
2020 RCCC Board Elections list.pdf RCCC list of officer terms
2020 RCCC Board Elections.pdf RCCC Board election explanaition
2020-11, River Hills discussion v5.pdf RiverHills Discussion v5
2020 RCCC Board and Positions to Fill.pdf Board Positions to Fill
Fill and Grade RCCC Response 110620.pdf Villages Scenic Fill Grade Code Violation Response
RCCC Comments on 2020-23_STIP_Amendment 1_DRAFT.docx Draft Comments on STIP
2020-11_RCCC Comments on LRTP_Draft.docx Comments on LRTP_Draft
20 Final Commissioner's Finding - Windy Corner.pdf Final Commissioner's finding for Windy Corner
20 AKs for YES on 2.pdf Yes on Ballot Measure 2 flyer
20 HOCC support RCCC re bldg code comment.pdf Huffman-O'Malley CC support of RCCC regarding AO2020-85 building code
20 Response to RCCC concern_AO 2020-85 Building Codes.pdf RCCC response to concerns over AO 2020-85
20 Response to RCCC request_Old Seward Hwy traffic calming.pdf RCCC response regarding Old Seward Hwy traffic calming request
20 FINALSewardHwyO2D_Fact Sheet_v2.pdf Seward Hwy O'Malley to Dimond Fact Sheet
20 Potter Marsh Visitor Improvements design.pdf Potter Marsh visitor improvements design
20 RCCC draft Windy Corner letter to DOTPF v3 August 2020.pdf RCCC email comments to DOT regarding Windy Corner
20Aug13 Motion - John See Thanks.pdf DRAFT MOTION to honor John See
20Aug05 Conceptual Plan for 156th Ave Pedestrian Corridor.pdf Conceptual Plan for 156th Avenue pedestrian corridor
20July10 Villages Scenic Pkwy violation.pdf 20July10 Follow-up to VSP permit concerns
20July08 Initial inquiry_Villages Scenic Pkwy permit concerns.pdf Initial Inquiry about Villages Scenic Parkway permit
20August VSP Draft letter_Villages Scenic Parkway grade_fill violations.pdf Draft Letter Villages Scenic Parkway grade fill violations
20Aug13 Motion - South Park Bear Zone.pdf RCCC Motion - South Park Bear Zone
20August River Hills Estates_proposed plat.pdf River Hills Estates Proposed Plat
20Aug05 RCCC LUT Comm concerns_River Hills plat.pdf RCCC LUT Community Concerns on River Hills Plat
20Aug11 RCCC Policy_remote mtng.pdf RCCC Policy on Remote Meetings
PUBLIC NOTICE re homelessness and CARES Act funding.pdf MOA Public Notice
RCCC Policy_remote mtng_8_11_20.pdf RCCC proposed remote meeting policy - August 2020
River Hills Estates_proposed plat.pdf Proposed plat for River Hills Estate - to be discussed at August 2020 meeting
Local Landmark Register Ordinance DRAFT 2007 Fact Sheet.pdf Draft Local Landmark Register Ordinance DRAFT July 7, 2020 Fact Sheet
DOT letter re install rumble strips.pdf Letter to RCCC re rumble strips on Seward Hwy
RCCC Resiliency - Firewise Motion - Draft 3_12_20.pdf RCCC March Meeting Docs - Resiliency Motions
RCCC Windy Corner analysis 2020.pdf RCCC Analysis of Windy Corner Railroad realignment project - April 2020
Prop 1 - Areawide Life_Safety Roads.pdf RCCC March Meeting Docs - Prop 1
Hillside Wildfire Awareness 2020.pdf Hillside Firewise Awareness flyer
Solarize Rabbit Creek.pdf Solarize Anchorage program for Rabbit Creek in 2020 with contacts
Seward Highway Traffic Study at Potter Marsh_Final.pdf Seward Highway Traffic Study - August 12, 2018 FINAL
PCHA - Robbins Letter 3-20-19.pdf Letter to Potter Valley HOA re Seward Hwy upgrades and rumble strips dated 3/20/2019
RCCC 2020-6 Rumble Strips.pdf Email trail re Rumble Strips on Seward Hwy - Jess Grunblatt
2020-5 CIP 2021 survey_project summary.pdf List of CIP projects to vote on
2021 CIP Survey_RCCC.pdf RCCC description of CIP projects relevant to the council

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