Name Description
23Mar ASD Mar 23 CC Report, Bellamy.pdf 23Mar ASD Mar 23 CC Report, Bellamy
23Feb SoFCC Appointment Letter 2302.pdf 23Feb SoFCC Appointment Letter - February 2023
23Feb SoFCC Sign-In Sheet 2302.pdf 23Feb SoFCC Sign-In Sheet - February 2023
23Jan Sign-In Sheet.pdf SoFCC Meeting Sign-in Sheet - January 2023
21JUL13 21-044 Mailer.pdf 21-044 Mailer
21 MEA Hiland Rd Clearing Sheet.pdf MEA Hiland Road clearing information
2020 SoFCC Zoom login 2020-2021.pdf SoFCC Zoom login information
2006 SoFCC letter re Achievements.pdf SoFCC Letter from Bob Gill regarding achievements for year 2006
2018 Letter to South Fork re Bernard Drive.pdf Letter from Richard Wight regarding Bernard Subdivision - April 2018
2017 CER Advisory Board Resolution 2017-4.pdf CER Advisory Board Resolution 2017-4 "AO 2017-129, Waste Water and On-Site Septic Systems" 17Oct28
2017 CER Advisory Board Resolution 2017-5.pdf CER Advisory Board Resolution 2017-5 "Proposed update to the CER Specific Land Use Plan 2017-0118" 17Oct28
2017-SoFCC Bernard Summary Letter.pdf SoFCC summary letter regarding Bernard Drive
2017-Yosemite Drive.pdf Yosemite Drive construction information
2016-SoFork CC Letter to Randy McCain - Yosemite Drive Project.pdf Yosemite Drive letter regarding delay in construction - from Mike Abbott, Municipal Manager
2016-Feb10 Motion #03 Approval Resolution Yosemite Drive.pdf 2/10/16 CBERRRSA Yosemite Drive Resolution
2012-May South Fork Eagle River Trail Design Summary.pdf South Fork Eagle River Trail Design Summary May 2012
2013-ERHS Public Meeting Invite - 7 Aug.pdf ER HS Public Meeting Invite 7 Aug 2013.
2017-Map depicting anticipated future Bernard Drive Development.pdf Map of possible future Bernard Drive development
2017-Signed Petition ROW Vacation.pdf Petition regarding right-of-way vacation
2017-Bernard Subd Community Meeting Notice.pdf Bernard Subdivision Community Meeting Notice

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