Name Description
061230 Rescue Mission Email Assemblyman Coffey.pdf 12/30/06 - Email from Assembly member Dan Coffey regarding Rescue Mission relocation
100528 Sen Ellis Newsletter.pdf 5/28/10 Senator Ellis Newsletter
100528 Rep Gardner Newsletter.pdf 5/28/10 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter
120307 Sen Ellis Report.pdf 3/7/12 Senator Ellis Newsletter
110605 TBOP Park Clean up meeting.pdf 6/5/11 Meeting of "Take Back Our Park" committee
120503 Seward Highway Project Meeting.pdf Seward Highway project meeting Thursday May 3, 2012
101218 Letter from Senator Johnny Ellis.pdf Sen Johnny Ellis Letter of February 18, 2010
101217 Rep. Gardner Report.pdf Rep. Gardner report February 17, 2010
161215 Dowling Lake Otis Mailer.pdf Agenda item for December 15, 2016 meeting - Dowling Village Subdivision
150922 Parachutes Grand Opening Flyer_CPCC.pdf 9/22/15 Flyer for Parachutes Grand Opening
060615 AWWU letter re Cache Bartlett Water Upgrade.pdf Letter from AWWU regarding upgrade of Cache Bartlett drives. 06/15/06
130124 Berta's Briefings.pdf 1/24/13 Sen Berta Gardner Newsletter
130115 Berta's Briefings.pdf 1/15/13 Sen Berta Gardner Newsletter
121117 CoC Minutes and other documents.pdf 11/12/12 MOA Continuum of Care - Agenda and Summary of Work Session
121109 Sen Ellis Newsletter.pdf 11/9/12 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter
121029 Sen Ellis Newsletter.pdf 10/29/12 Sen. Ellis Newsletter
121004 Sen Ellis Newsletter.pdf 10/4/12 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter
120831 Sen Ellis Newsletter.pdf 8/31/12 Sen Johnny Ellis' Newsletter
120731 Berta's Briefings.pdf 7/31/12 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter
120516 Sen Ellis Newsletter.pdf 5/16/12 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter
120514 Berta's Briefings.pdf 5/14/12 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter
120319 Sen Ellis newsletter.pdf 3/19/12 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter
120319 Berta's Briefings.pdf 3/19/12 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter
060125 Tudor Area Traffic Calming.pdf Public meeting Feb 8th at Wendler Middle School
120312 Rep. Gardner Report.pdf 3/12/12 Representative Gardner Newsletter
120302 Sen Ellis Newsletter.pdf 3/2/12 Sen Ellis Newsletter
120302 Mayor Sullivan Newsletter.pdf 3/2/12 Mayor Sullivan's Newsletter
120301 Berta's Briefing.pdf 3/1/12 Rep Berta Gardner's Newsletter
120229 Anchorage Tomorrow Letter.pdf 2/29/12 Anchorage Tomorrow Letter RE: 2012 Bonds
120221 Public Notice Hsing & Comm Dev.pdf 2/21/12 Public Notice of Draft Housting and Community Development Plan
120221 Berta's Briefing.pdf 2/21/12 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter
120217 Sen Ellis newsletter.pdf 2/17/12 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter
120117 Campbell Park Play Equipment Request Resolution.pdf 1/17/12 Resolution from Take Back Our Park (TBOP)in support of funding for playground equipment at Campbell Park.
120116 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter.pdf 01/16/12 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter
111105 Sen Ellis newsletter.pdf 11/05/11 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter
110804 Sen Ellis newsletter.pdf 8/4/11 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter
110812 Sen Ellis newsletter.pdf 8/12/11 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter
110803 Berta's Briefing.pdf 8/3/11 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter
110731 Berta's Briefing.pdf 7/28/11 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter
110613 Berta's Briefing.pdf 6/13/11 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter RE Coastal Management
110515 Public Notice of Intent to Release Funds.pdf 5/15/11 Combined FONSI and Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds
110518 U-Med Public Meeting Flyer.pdf 5/18/11 U-Med Public Meeting Flyer
110318 Berta's Briefing.pdf 3/18/11 Rep Gardner Newsletter
110314 Sen Ellis Newsletter.pdf 3/14/11 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter
110315 Berta's Briefing.pdf 3/15/11 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter
110301 Berta's Briefings.pdf 3/1/11 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter
110228 Sen Ellis Newsletter.pdf 2/28/11 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter
110225 Berta's Briefing.pdf 2/25/11 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter
110222 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter.pdf 2/22/11 Sen Johnny Ellis Newsletter
110217 Berta's Briefing.pdf 2/17/11 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter
110120 Berta's Briefing.pdf 110120 Rep Berta Gardner Newsletter
101115 Sen Ellis Nwsltr.pdf 11/15/10 Senator Ellis Newsletter
101105 Sen Ellis Newsletter.pdf 11/5/10 Senator Ellis Newsletter
100514 CPCC Letter to the Governor regarding capital projects.pdf Letter to Gov. Parnell, 5/14/10

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