Welcome to the South Fork Community Council (SoFCC) Capital Improvement Project (CIP) web page. Hopefully you have links to the past CIP lists from 2013 and 2014 as well as the voting form for 2015 displayed to the left. Unfortunately, due to a malfunction in the web design, sometimes you must first click the "South Fork" on the right side and then select Capital Improvement Project again from the left side to get back to this page and have the correct links displayed. This should be corrected in the new web interface to be released in mid-May 2014. Apologies in advance for any frustration with this interface.


Reference the links to the left for SoFCC CIP information. If the links are not displayed, please see the note above!


More detailed information for each line item in the 2015 CIP list can be found on the Municipal Budget website:



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