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Spenard Beach ParkAnchorage Park Foundation (APF) sponsors annual Community Challenge Grants to inspire neighborhoods and community organizations to bring new life to local parks. Spenard and Turnagain Community Councils have long supported updates to Spenard Beach Park, an important historic resource and much-loved recreational place on the border of our neighborhoods. Each council committed $2,000 to this effort, matched by a $10,000 grant from APF to support our efforts. We want to raise--at a minimum--another $6,000 from our community to bring our vision to life! This means we'll have at least $20,000 in total funds for park improvements. 


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In partnership with the Anchorage Park Foundation Challenge Grant 2020, the SCC and Turnagain Community Council are accepting donations for this project. Anchorage Park Foundation takes no admin fee on the funds, so every dollar goes directly to our project. The funds will be deposited in a designated fund for our challenge grant and utilized for the amenities we've chosen. APF hosts a project web page for Spenard Beach Park:


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or send a check to Anchorage Park Foundation with "Spenard Beach Park" in the memo.


Project contacts: 

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APF Community Challenge grants are made possible with generous support by the Rasmuson Foundation--every donation is generously matched dollar-for-dollar by the Rasmuson Foundation.



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