Parks and Trails Committee


Meets Every Third Thursday from 6 pm to 7 pm (prior to the General Meetin) at Muldoon Community Assembly (MCA) Youth Facility located at 1005 North Ermine Street.


Park Committee Purpose: To assess community park conditions and address concerns of the community related to park assets.


Trails Committee Purpose: To access community trail conditions and develop new trails like the proposed Cheney Lake to Muldoon Town Square Park Trail and the proposed north-south trail along the military-civilian boundary


Chair: Stu Grenier


Members: Selina Metoyer, Lisa Vaught, Carla McConnell, Serena Elfman-Mollenkopf, Genevieve Holubik, Jerrianne Lowether, Kendra Kloster


Updated 12/2023 - Parks Committee & Trail Committee merged.




Because the Parks & Recreation Department wishes the improvements and schedule to mesh with the neighborhood desires, we ask the people to help establish a Very Important Park (VIP) Committee composed of 8 people to assist with decision-making and implementation of the park project.  The VIP Committee job responsibilities are listed below.  Many tasks to be accomplished in the makeover will be volunteer-powered.


The Very Important Park Committee should be composed of the following representatives:

  • 2 Community Council Representatives
  • 2 Unaffiliated Representatives from the neighborhood
  • 2 Children, between the ages 10-18 from the neighborhood with parents
  • 2 Parents of the children Committee Members


The Very Important Park Committee Member's job will be:

  • Assist with decision making about park improvements (approximately 3, 2-hour meetings) and report to the Northeast Community Council on any action taken by the Committee;
  • Recruit neighborhood volunteers for the volunteer-powered projects (approximately 5 hours);
  • Volunteer on the volunteer day (approximately 4 hours); and
  • Join in the celebration of the completed park project (approximately 2 hours on work day).


If you are interested in joining the VIP Committee please e-mail the following information to Senior Park Planner.

Please send the following VIP Committee information:


  • Committee Member Name
  • Committee Member Address
  • Committee Member E-mail
  • Committee Member Cell Phone # or best contact number if no cell phone


Strategic Planning


Documents from AgnewBeck and other sources regarding Strategic Parks planning can be found here: .  Additionally, AgnewBeck has created a project web page which can be accssed directly at:  




Muldoon Park Strip


The Platting Board met on December 2, 2009 to address case number S11700-2 which involves land subject to an NECC resolution that can be viewed online here if and when at the Board makes that resolution available You can find case details, the staff report and the opportunity to make comment here: The NECC's position is that commercial subdivision is not the highest and best use of this property and that there has been inadequate effort by the MOA to fully consider the most appropriate usage of the subject property.  The NECC resolution calls for the creation of a substantial Muldoon Park Strip which may be inconsistent with the actions recommended by staff appearing in the matter above before the Board.


The October 2007 Chester Creek Restoration:Muldoon Greenhouse Property Planning Report prepared by kpb architects for the ANchorage Parks Foundation can now be found here. Additional documents regarding the history of park planning in this immediate area can be obtained here


For those wishing to track MPS events via geotags, the Twittori geotage for the MPS land is while the google maps coordinates are:,





NE District Park Renovations


Parks and Recreation apparently e-mailed a select number of persons on the NECC Board on December 18 with resepct to NE DIstrict Park Renovation. Word of this mailing didn't reach Park Committee persons until an e-mail from Pete Peterson to Terry Cummings appending the e-mail from Susan Little regarding renovations and the "VIP" ("Very Important Park") Committees.


In any event, the December 18 e-mail as well as P&R assessments and draft plans are to be found here. 




Non Motorized Transportation


The MOA has been moving along doing planning for non-motorized transportation. This effort is currently comprised of a Bicycle Plan, a Pedestrainb Plan and an Area Wide Trail Plan.  More on this, at least until the MOA is altered again, can be found at Because of issues with documents not being available or going missing on the MOA web site, the Bicylce Plan together with PZ&C approval and recommendations has been uploaded to this folder:  If there are other documents you wish to see filed here please let us know.



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