Alcohol and Marijuana Committee


Purpose: Review alcohol and marijuana licenses applications, renewals, and related issues including homeless camps, and restricting alcohol sales (red stripe law)


Chair: Steve Johnson, 


Members: Jean Pollard, Selina Metoyer, Carla McConnell, Kevin Smestad


There is an advisory vote for Required ID Checks at Carry Out Liquor Stores.  This vote will let the Liquor Industry know that we support Required ID Checks for all purchases of Liquor.  The State of Alaska has put a red strip on Driver Licenses and the only way to know if a person has a red strip on their Driver Licenses is to card the person.  The red strip means the person been convicted of a previous alcohol related incident.  The Northeast Community Council supports the Required ID Checks at not only the Carry Out Liquor Stores, but all places where Alcohol is sold.


The Northeast Community Council supports required ID Check.


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