Brown Jug Liquors

 Long supported our Community Patrol by paying for 1/3 of the monthly radio costs for the members on patrol.

 Cable Tech, Inc

 Owner Fred Thomas has donated much effort to the clearing and grading the land for the Williwaw Park playground.

 Central Commercial Paving Products

 Contributed to the building of Williwaw Park playground.


 Contributed money for Williwaw Park and sponsored Clean & Green days for Russian Jack and San Antonio Parks.

 DJ Rentals

 Contributed equipment for building Williwaw Park playground.

 Dowl Engineers

 Provided the master plan for San Antonio Tot Park.


 Home Depot

 Contributed materials and labor to construct six picnic tables and two planter-benches for San Antonio Tot Park.


Providing most of the materials for the Williwaw Park Playground.


 Malaspina - Glacier Investments

 Actively involved with our Council.  They have provided office space for the Weed 'n' Seed program. the space for the Russian Jack Substation for the Anchorage Police Department, manpower and equipment for community get-togethers, and actively worked to improve us, as when they cleared the brush in Williwaw Park.


 Polar Supply

 Provided materials for Williwaw Park playground.


 SouthCentral Foundation

 Provided money for the San Antonio Tot Park.  Its Pathway House regularly shows its pride by picking up trash in the neighborhood.

 Sweet Pink Pepper Restaurant

 Contributed meals and refreshments for the Build Day of Williwaw Park playground.





 Main contractor for San Antonio Tot Park, and was instrumental in getting water service to the park.


Has provided major expertise in the engineering design work for the site of the Williwaw Park Playground.


 Totem Rentals

 Contributed equipment for clearing Williwaw Park.

 United Rentals

 Contributed equipment for building Williwaw Park playground.




Community Councils Center


Community Patrols


Chugiak Eagle River Advisory Board


Federation of Community Councils