Community Council Meeting Calendar


NOTE: THIS IS A STATIC LIST OF WHEN COUNCILS NORMALLY MEET. To find out the most up-to-date informaton on a council go to that councils page from the drop-down list above or at the bottom of this page. 


Download the master list of community council contacts which includes president contact information here.


Community Council Meeting Calendar

  • All meetings start at 7 p.m. unless otherwise noted
  • Refer to web site ( for Community Council Contact List which provides meeting location and President contact information.
  • Download a pdf of the calendar of Community Council meetings. 







1st Week

Girdwood  - Public Safety


Girdwood - Trails

South Addition Planning Committee

CH/ER Consortium

Downtown, 5:30pm

Spenard (4)

University Area (3)



Scenic Foothills, 6:30pm (2)

South Fork (3)

Tudor Area (3)

Turnagain (4)

2nd Week

Rogers Park, 6:45pm (3)  

Sand Lake, 6:30pm (3)


Girdwood - Land Use

Bear Valley (3)


Eagle River Valley 6:30pm (3)

Midtown, noon (8)

Mountain View, 6:00pm (8)

North Star (3)

Russian Jack, 6:30pm (7)

Basher (2)

Eagle River, 6:30pm


Rabbit Creek (6)

Taku Campbell, 6:00pm (3)

Turnagain Arm (2)

3rd Week

Girdwood BOS

Hillside, 6:30pm (8)


FCC, 6 pm (7)


Airport Heights (3)

Campbell Park, 7:00pm

Chugiak (3)

Government Hill, 6:30pm (3)

Huffman/O’Malley (4)

Northeast (8)

4th Week



Old Seward/Oceanview, 6:30pm (6)

Bayshore/Klatt (3)

South Addition (4)

Last Week




Abbott Loop, 6:30pm

1) Community Council meets in Feb, May, Oct

2) Community Council meets in Feb, May, Sep, Dec

3) No meeting in June, July and August

4) No meeting in July and August

5) No meeting in June

6) No meeting in June and July

7) No meeting in June and August

8) No meeting in July

Call the CC president for meeting date/time of the following community councils:  Eklutna Valley; Glen Alps;  Portage Valley


2022 Summer council meetings

Most councils will resume meetings in September. 

Check back closer to the Summer for updates to this list.


The councils below will be meeting in JULY

on the dates listed. Check each council's web page for format and/or location (Zoom, outdoors, etc.)


 July 6- Downtown 

July 7 - Eagle River 

July 20- Federation of Community Councils

 July 28 - Abbott Loop


The councils below will be meeting in AUGUST on the dates listed.

This list is in progress. Please check back.


 August 3 - Downtown

August 11 - Fairview

Rabbit Creek


August 15 - Hillside

August 18 - Northeast

Airport Heights

Campbell Park



August 25 - Abbott Loop





Community Councils Center


Community Patrols


Chugiak Eagle River Advisory Board


Federation of Community Councils