The UACC and Providence Horizon House are working together to upgrade Folker Park on 42nd Ave and Folker Street to make it more accessible to council members and residents of Providence Horizon House. The new Folker Park will be redesignated "Folker Inter-Generational Park".


Photos of some of the upgrades as of July 31, 2019


Folker Park Folker Park exercise area
Folker Park



They have recieved a grant from the Rasmussen Center that has a match attached to it. This helps the community have a stake in the monies spent on the park. The grant is run through Anchorage Park Foundation and donations for the match can be made to them.  The UACC is asking for donations to the grant match which has to be done before June 30, 2018.


To donate please go to the Anchorage Park Foundation Challenge Grant page and click the donation button.  At the bottom of the page in the text box note that you want the money to go to Folker Park.  Thank you for helping us reach the goal to upgrade Folker Park.


Folker Park Brochure


Folker Intergenerational Park Brochure



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