Elections for the Eagle River Valley Community Council officers and board members are held in May.  Officers serve for one year.


For more information about the officers and Executive Board, please see the ERVCC Bylaws.



ERVCC Officers – 2024-2027



Julie Jesssen (term expires May 2025)

Email  JuliekJessen@gmail.com


Vice President

Tom Roth (term expires May 2025)

Email  tjrothusma87@gmail.com



Sarah Davenport (term expires May 2025)

Email  sarahdavenport517@gmail.com


FCC Delegate

Alex Jorgensen  (3-year term expires in 2027)

Email  ahjorgensen@yahoo.com


FCC Alternate

Joy Webb

Email  joywebb1a1@gmail.com


CBERRRSA Board Member (Road Board)

Crystal Kennedy (term expires in 2025)

Arlene Rasic - Alternate (term expires in 2024)


C/ER Consortium/Advisory Board

Julie Jessen (term expires in 2025)

Jared Goecker - Alternate (term expires in 2025)


Emergency Preparedness Chair/Chugiak-Eagle River Consortium Delegate

M. Dean Cox (term expires in 2025)


Chugiak-Eagle River Parks & Recreation Chair

Ruth Armstrong  (term expires 2026)

Jared Goecker - Alternate (term expires in 2027)


Platting & Zoning Chair

Pete Panarese  (term expires in 2025)


Education Committee Chair

Tom Roth (term expires 2025)


ERVCC Board Members

Board Seat 1: Ruth Armstrong (expires May, 2025)

Board Seat 2: Arlene Rasic (expires May, 2025)

Board Seat 3: Alex Jorgensen (expires May, 2027)

Board Seat 4: Julie Jessen (expires May, 2026)

Board Seat 5: Tom Freeman (expires May, 2026)

Board Seat 6: Pete Panarese (expires May, 2027)

Board Seat 7: Sarah Davenport (expires May, 2027)

Board Seat 8: Tom Roth (expires May, 2025)

Board Seat 9: Crystal Kennedy (expires May, 2025)



Community Councils Center


Community Patrols


Chugiak Eagle River Advisory Board


Federation of Community Councils