Anchorage's Community Councils


Anchorage's Community Councils were founded in 1976, shortly after the unification of the City of Anchorage and the Greater Anchorage Borough into the Municipality of Anchorage. The Federation was created by the independently operated community councils (that were recognized by the Municipal Assembly) to provide technical and support services to ensure that community councils in Anchorage lived up to expectations.


The Federation of Community Councils, Inc. (FCC) is recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 exempt organization, and receives the majority of its operating revenue from the Municipality of Anchorage as a grant to provide services to the independent councils in Anchorage.


Since its inception, the FCC has been supportive of community councils and their actions, while working with Municipal officials, state government, and the citizens of Anchorage to ensure that the tapestry of neighborhoods, from Eklutna Valley to Portage Valley, have the maximum amount of community self-determination as afforded by law.


The Community Councils Center serves as the 'public relations' office for the 38 independent community councils in Anchorage.  The Center sends out thousands of council newsletters each month using both email and the US Postal Service.  Additionally, the Federation maintains internet ‘homepages’ and a published Councils Contact Sheet for each of the community councils to ensure that the citizens of Anchorage can access the leaders of their local councils.


The Federation is governed by a 38 member Board of Delegates, with each council in the Municipality of Anchorage having one vote.  Meetings are held monthly throughout the year, and are held on the third Wednesday of each month at the Community Council Center conference room at 6 PM.  The Board of Delegates approves the annual budget and work plan for the Community Council Center.


The Community Council Center is located at 1057 West Fireweed Lane, Suite 100. Please visit!



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