Name Description
Sen Gray-Jackson notes for 9-2-20 UACC Zoom mtg.pdf Senator Gray-Jackson notes for UACC Sept. meeting
20Aug UACC 81720 Comments to the Muni on Parking Improvements for University Lake Park.pdf UACC Comments to the Municipality about the proposed University Lake Park parking lot expansion
20Aug UACC 7820 Comments to the Muni on 42nd Avenue Upgrade - Lake Otis Parkway to Florina Street.pdf UACC Comments to the Municipality about the proposed upgrade to 42nd Avenue
UACC Zoom recurring meeting.pdf UACC recurring zoom meeting
20 Image Reflection drive update flyer.pdf Image/Reflection Drive construction update - August 2020
20 Image Dr.Reflection Dr. Project Construction Update.pdf Image-Reflection Drive Update
20 UACC Zoom Invitation May.pdf Invitation to May UACC Zoom meeting
20 Front Porch OrdinanceAO 2020-10(S).pdf Front porch ordinance AO No. 2020-20(S)
20 Proposition Listing for April 2020.pdf List of propositions on the April ballot
19 UACC Anchorage Climate Action Plan web links.pdf Anchorage Climate Action Plan links
19 UACC Comments on Muni Case S12541.pdf UACC Comments on Muni Case #S12541 updated
19 CastleHeightsMailer3 ContractorCCMtg.pdf Castle Heights AWWU upgrades postcard for April 2019 meeting -2019-03-27
11 Nov Ak Discrimination survey preliminary report.pdf 11/11 Preliminary Report RE Alaska Discrimination Survey
19 Muni Case 2019-0143 - Text Amendments to Title 21.pdf UACC Comments regarding Case 2019- Title 21
19 Muni Case 2019-0145.pdf UACC comments on Case 2019-1245 - fence around power station near King Center
19 UACC Comments on Case 12514 - Southcentral Fdtn.pdf UACC Comments on Southcentral Foundation Case #12514
19 Robin Ward Letter on Tudor-Elmore Development.pdf Robin Ward Letter on Tudor development 2019
19 UACC's CIP 2020.pdf UACC CIP list for 2020
19 Muni Development at Tudor Rd and Elmore Rd Status-Robin Ward.pdf Letter from Robin Ward re development on Tudor and Elmore
19 Univ Lake Drive Final DSR.pdf UACC University Lake Drive map
19 Whispering Hills area .pdf Whispering HIlls Subdivision area
19 Whispering Hills 8-lot plat.pdf Whispering HIlls Subdivision plat
Attachment to January 2019 UACC Agenda.pdf UACC supplemental material for January 2019 meeting
CCRCs.pdf UACC comments on proposed ordinance amendment regarding distance between Community Correctional Residential Centers, number of residents and location near hospitals.
2018UACC Comments on Case No. 2018-0113 - Bus Barn.pdf UACC Comments on Bus Barn site selection - Case #2018-0133 - 11-19-2018
2018Rezone Case S12443.pdf UACC Rezone Case #S12443 - Campbell Airstrip Road and E 34th St.
Robert's Rules - For Minutes.doc
Roberts Rules (1-20-10).pdf Simple guidelines regarding Roberts Rules
2018UACC answers to questions re RJSP single track.pdf Answers to questions about proposed Russian Jack Springs Park single track trails
2016 letter to AK-DOT - Speed Limit on Tudor Rd .pdf Letter re speed limit on Tudor dated June 5 2016
2016Safety Issues at Wright St and Tudor RD.pdf Letter re Safety Issues Wright and Tudor
2015Dedicated Park AO 1984-199.pdf MOA Original 1989 Dedicated Park Ordinance
2015Dedicated Park AO 1990-071(S).pdf MOA Second 1990 Dedicated Park Ordinance
2016UACC Comments dtd 6-10-16 Land Use Plan Map (2).pdf UACC Comments re Land Use Plan
2018Folker Park Fundraising ltr signed 2-7-18.pdf Folker Park Fundraising letter signed February 2018
2017UACC Elec Mailing.pdf 2017 electronic mailing to email list about CC
2018Folker Fundraising Brochure.pdf Folker Park Fundraising brochure 2018
2017 Stream Setback AO 2017-.pdf Stream Setback Ordinance AO 2017-
2017 APU Historic Site Press Release re 10.6.17.pdf APU Press release per Historic site designation
2017 Tudor Road Complex Subdivision.pdf Tudor Road complex subdivision information
2016May31 UAA Drive Pedestrian Crossing Renderings.pdf UAA Drive Pedestrian Drive Crossing Rendering
2014Jun26_UACC Press Release.pdf 6/26/14 Announcement of UACC organization and meetings published in Community Xtra on
2016May31 UAA Drive Pedestrian Undercrossing - Site Plan.pdf UAA Drive Pedestrian Undercrossing - Site Plan
2013 01 22 Flyer_University Lake Dr Extension_Public Meeting.pdf 1/22/13 Public Meeting RE University Lake Drive Extension project Flyer
2013 07 23 University Lake Dr Extension_Project Map.pdf University Lake Drive Extension Project - Map of project area
2017-04 DRAFT Snail Mailing.pdf Snail mailing flyer sent to all UACC residence explaining what UACC is and requesting their participation
2017-03 Survey Monkey 87648199.pdf UACC Survey Monkey asking residents questions to enhance UACC meetings attendance and other activities
2017-01 P&Z Case 2017-01 Farmer's Markets & Rooftop Greenhouses.pdf Title 21 amendment adding new section regarding Farmer's Markets & Rooftop Greenhouses
2017-02 P&Z Case 2017-02 Unit Lot Subdivision.pdf Title 21 amendment adding new section regarding Unit Lot Subdivisions
2016-Baxter Senior Living Development Flyer.pdf Information on Baxter Senior Living development
2016-Folker Park (UACC).pdf Information on Folker Park design 2016

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