Name Description
20 TCC Comments RE Short-term MOA Snow Disposal Lease wAirport.pdf TCC Letter re comments on Airport snow dump 11-23-2020
2017-06 TCC Resolution Move to AmendSupport.pdf TCC Resolution 2017-06, approved at the December 7, 2017 meeting. Resolution supports the Move to Amend Anchorage policy proposal: a constitutional amendment to define personhood and not define money as political speech.
2018-01 TCC Resolution Lakeshore Dr. Truck Traffic.pdf TCC Resolution 2018-01 regarding Lakeshore Dr.
2016-04 TCC Resolution.pdf Resolution supporting creation of the Land Use, License and Permit Review Committee and amending the bylaws, approved by the Council on May 5, 2016
TCC Resolution 2017-01 Audubon.pdf Turnagain Resolution 2017-01 supporting the Audubon Wayside project, passed at the 1-12-17 meeting.
TCC Resolution 2014 re Anch Animal Care & Control Center Staff DRAFT.pdf 5/1/14 TCC DRAFT Resolution RE a Request to Increase Municipality of Anchorage Animal Care & Control Center Enforcement Staff
TCC Resolution 2012-01 re APD Funding.pdf TCC resolution supporting the Municipality of Anchorage 2013 "Plan B" Budget Proposal with regard to Funding for the Anchorage Police Department in the 2013 Budget
TCC Resolution 2010 re Anchorage Bike Plan.pdf TCC February 2010 Resolution on Anchorage Bike Plan 2-4-2010
TCC Resolution 2008 re Recycle Plan.pdf TCC May 2008 Resolution Supporting Recycling Plan
TCC Resolution 2006 re Little League Conex.pdf TCC Resolution 2006 Little League conex
TCC Resolution 2005 re Opposing Grandfathering nonconforming large signs.pdf TCC 12/05 Resolution on Amendment to Sign Ordinance - large signs
TCC Resolution 2005 re Opposing Expansion of Echo Parking.pdf TCC 12/05 Resolution Opposing Airport Echo Parking Expansion
TCC Resolution 2005 re Public Land Incursions in southeast end of Westchester Lagoon.pdf TCC 12/05 Resolution on Westchester Lagoon Encroachment
TCC Resolution 2008 re Support of Appropriating Funds to Redesign Romig MS.pdf TCC Resolution 2008 Support for appropriating Funds to Redesign the West High/Romig Middle School Campus as a Center of Community
TCC Resolution 2012 with SCC re Legislative requests.pdf Joint SCC & TCC Resolution about Legislative Requests for FY2012 11 Feb 2012
TCC Resolution 2008 re easement re Tony Knowles Trail.pdf TCC January 2008 Resolution Regarding Tony Knowles Coastal Trail Right-of-Way Encroachment Permit Request
TCC Resolution 2006 re Parkland.pdf TCC May 2006 Parklands Resolution May 04 2006
TCC Resolution 2015-03 re Northrim Bank Account 6-4-15.pdf TCC Resolution 2015-03, Authorization for Northrim Bank Account and Officers, Passed 6-4-2015
TCC Resolution 2009 re Airport Development Along Point Woronzof Drive.pdf TCC January 2009 Resolution Concerning Airport Development Along Pt Woronzof Drive 1-10-2009
TCC Resolution 2009-12.pdf TCC December 2009 Resolution on Airport Deicing
TCC Resolution 2009-12b.pdf TCC December 2009 Resolution on Balto Seppala Park and Lloyd Steel Park Boardwalk/Trail Project
TCC Resolution 2009-10.pdf TCC Resolution Supporting Full Funding of West Anchorage District Plan
TCC Resolution 2010 NUSA .pdf TCC March 2010 Resolution on Legislative Funding for May 2011 Neighborhoods USA Conference to be held in Anchorage, Alaska
TCC Resolution 2009 re Glass Recycling .pdf April 2009 Glass Recycling Resolution Resolution 4-2-2009
TCC Resolution 2015-02 re Turnagain Parkland Dedication Resolution.pdf TCC Resolution 2015-02, Turnagain Parkland Dedication + Attachments A-D
TCC Resolution 2015 re Spenard Hostel International.pdf Resolution in Support of Spenard Hostel International's Application for a Parking Waiver/Variance and Conditional Use Permit
TCC Resolution 2006 re Didlika Signed.pdf TCC Board of Directors Resolution in Support of Didlika Park Anchorage Park Foundation Challenge Grant Application PDF Resolution 02 17 06
TCC Resolution re Didlika Park United Way.pdf Didlika Park United Way Day of Caring Resolution June 2006
TCC Resolution 2007 re Airport Develop District.pdf Airport Development District Title 21 Ordinance Resolution 10-2-2007

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