Name Description
24Feb 2024 CAPSIS.pdf 2024 CAPSIS
24Jan 2024 Slate of Officers.xlsx 2024 Slate of Officers
23Nov AARP Blog Excerpt - Chugach rate hike.pdf 23Nov AARP Blog Excerpt - Chugach rate hike
23Sep 2024 Aim High Flight Academy.pdf The Aim High Flight Academy - free 3-week program
23Sep Proposed Veg Plan South ARRC Sec Fence South Northpointe Bluff Rev 083123.pdf 23Sep Proposed Veg Plan South ARRC Sec Fence South Northpointe Bluff Rev 083123
23May Spruce Potting and Native Plant Nursery Build-out Event Flyer May 27 2023.pdf 23May White Spruce Seeding Potting & Native Plant Nursery Build-Out Volunteer Event 5-27-23
GHCC Tesoro 2209.pdf Government Hill Revegetation Plan - September 2022
22Mar YOUR VOICE MATTERS.pdf 22Mar YOUR VOICE MATTERS - April 5th Election flyer
22Feb APD Patrol Ofc.pdf APD Patrol Assignments - February 2022
22Jan AWWU Water Treatment Art.pdf AWWU Water Treatment Art - January 2022
22Jan 2022 Report to the State - Five-Year Capital Plan.pdf Alaska Railroad Report to the State - Five-Year Capital Plan
22Jan Vertical Bridge Letter and Photosims_01.18.22.pdf Proposed Vertical Bridge Cell Tower @ POA Tract J (US-AK-5276) - January 2022
20 Kelly Lessens for School Board.pdf Kellen Lessens for School Board list of listening sessions
20Jan16 HLBAC Resolution #2019-07.pdf 20Jan16 GHCC Questions about Heritage Land Bank Resolution #2019-07
Knik Arm Bridge Scenarios.pdf Knik Arm Bridge Scenario Summaries with Phasing - no year listed on documents
Port of Anchorage Final Plat 03-08-12.pdf
Knik Arm Bridge Anch Access Solution.pdf Knik Arm Bridge plan
Asset Purchase Agreement Time Line Updated MLP-CEA.pdf ML&P - CEA purchase agreement
17 BLUFF ROAD diversion map.pdf Port of Anchorage diversion map to Government Hill
GHCC letter to FHWA 11-23-05.pdf GHCC reply to Federal Highway Administration
Bluff Road Access.pdf
Anch Access Solution.pdf 540 KB
15Aug08_GHCC 100 Anniversary_Sen.Murkowski Ltr.pdf 08/2015 Letter from Sen. Lisa Murkowski RE Congratulations on GHCC 100 year anniversary
15Mar27 ML&P 5 Year Plan for undergrounding a portion of GH electric lines.pdf 3/27/15 ML&P 5 Year Plans for Undergrounding elecrical lines on a portion of the Government Hill neighborhood
15Mar19 2 Go Mart #10 Liquor License #2614.pdf 3/19/15 Liquor License Transfer of Ownership for the 2 GO MART #10 located at 500 Hollywood Drive
15Jan Government Hill Federal Housing Historic District Map.pdf 1/2015 Map of the Government Hill Federal Housing Historic District
GHCC - Bylaws.pdf
AKRR Herbicide Permit Application Notice.pdf AKRR Herbicide Permit Application
AKRR Herbicide FAQ.pdf AKRR Herbicide FAX
14Sept4 ML&P Project Notification Letter.pdf ML&P Undergrounding Project letter
14Sept4 ML&P Map of Undergrounding Project.pdf Map of ML&P Undergrounding project
Anchorage Terminal NPDES Alleged Violations.docx
Neighborhood Watch Important Phone Numbers.pdf Neighborhood Watch Important Phone Numbers
Ally Brochure 2_landscape.pdf 5/26/13 Ally garbage pick-up brochure
Alley Brochure.pdf
13May Noise during USS Anchorage celebrations.pdf May 3 and 4, 2013 -- Noise during USS Anchorage celebrations
AWWU_MWP_Presentation_GOVHILLCC.pdf AWWU Master Water Plan Presentation to Government Hill
121206 AWWU sewer line inspection flyer.pdf 12/6/12 Letter from AWWU RE: inspection of sewer lines in December
2012 Arctic Cross #5.pdf
111117 GHNP(Public Workshop).pdf 11/17/11 Flyer on Public Workshops about the Government Hill Neighborhood Plan
111117 GHNP(Focus Group Meetings).pdf 11/17/11 Flyer on Focus Group Meetings for Government Hill Neighborhood Plan
111117 GHNP(Summary).pdf 11/17/11 Flyer on Government Hill Neighborhood Plan process and plan elements
11Mar17 Rep. Saddler Report to Community Councils.pdf Report from Rep. Saddler March 2011
11Mar17 Government Hill - Anchorage Tomorrow 2011.pdf Anchorage Tomorrow information March 2011
110213_11x17TBC_Harvard_Prelim_Improvements-ISO_PLAN2 v2.pdf 2/13/11 Map 2 of 2 showing preliminary improvements for Harvard Park
110213_11x17TBC_Harvard_Prelim_Improvements-ISO_PLAN1 v2.pdf 2/13/11 Map 1 of 2 showing preliminary improvements for Harvard Park

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