Name Description
23Dec Sen. Matt Claman CC Update.pdf 23Dec Sen. Matt Claman CC Update
22Oct ASD OCT 22 FCC Report - Bellamy.pdf 22Oct ASD Oct 22 FCC Report - Bellamy
Northern Lights and Boniface Intersection Closure Aug 13 2021.pdf Northern Lights - Boniface Intersection Closure 8-13-21
FCC Contact List MASTER - 2021-07-28.pdf FCC Contacts List Master - July 28, 2021
20 B-2C Map downtown.pdf B-2C Zoning in Downtown area
20 B-3 and PLI Map.pdf B-3 and PL1 Zoning map 2020
20 CARES Final Survey flyer.pdf Assembly CARES Act experience survey
20 Snow Disposal_Public Meeting Flyer.pdf West Anchorage Snow Disposal Open House flyer Oct. 2020
20 Election-Fact-Sheet-2020.pdf Election Fact Sheet - 2020 general election
20 MOA Case 2020-0134 Routing Cover Sheet.pdf MOA Case 2020-0134 routing information
FCC Zoom meeting login information - recurring.pdf FCC recurring Zoom meeting information
20 State of Alaska - OMalley to Dimond construction letter.pdf State of Alaska - O'Malley to Dimond construction information - comments due 11/20/2020
20 Seward Hwy construction - 9-2020.pdf Seward Hwy construction letter re Dowling intersection. Comments due 11/30/2020
FCC Training Needs Survey 2007.docx FCC Needs Assessment Survey as Word Doc July 2020
FCC Needs Assess Survey 2007.pdf FCC Needs Assessment Survey as pdf July 2020
HLB 4-013 disposal_AgencyReview.pdf HLB Property 4-013 for disposal
Cook Inlet Lending Grant info.pdf Cook Inlet Grant flyer COVID19
20 Commercial Glass Recycling.pdf Commercial Glass Recycling information
20 Assembly February Community Council E-Newsletter.pdf Assembly Newsletter February 2020
20 Tree Talk 02.21.20.pdf Flyer for event on Trees and Forests in Anchorage - 2/21/2020
19 MOA Town Hall Series Regarding Anchorag es Fiscal Situation and New Revenue Options.pdf MOA Town Hall press release re fiscal situation
19 Transit Public Review Draft Flyer.pdf MOA Transit on the Move flyer
AK State Legislators Community Councils.pdf Community Council elected officials by council
19 ASD community report Nov 2019.pdf ASD Community Report November 2019
19 News Release - JBER AICUZ Study Release.pdf JBER News release November 2019
19 ASD CommunityForums-flier_Accessible.pdf ASD Community planning forums flyer
19 - Waste Water Board Recruitment flyer.pdf Water and Waste Water Technical Review Board recruitment flyer
19 October Assembly Community Council E-Newsletter.pdf October 2019 eNewsletter from Assemblymembers Rivera and Zaletel
19 Crime Victim Listening Session 9-15-2019.pdf Anchorage Crime Victim Listening Session press release - September 2019
19 Plastic Bag Ban Factsheet.pdf Plastic Bag Ban Fact Sheet
19 No Cell Phones in School Zones Factsheet-white background.pdf No Cell Phones in School Zones flyer - white background
CERCompPlan hearing 8-5-19.pdf Chugiak-Eagle River Comp Plan notice of public hearing 8-5-19
19 2018.08.20_Camping notification public recommendations.pdf MOA Camping notification memo dated August 20, 2018
19 PZC 2019-0079 Anch 2040 Action 4-6 Postponement Memo.pdf PZC Case 2019-0079 LUP Streets and Driveway postponement memo
19 Anchorage Climate Action Fair Flyer.pdf MOA Climate Action Fair flyer June 19, 2019
19 Chester Creek invasive species removal.pdf Chester Creek invasive species removal June 1, 2019
19 Transit on the Move Public Event Series #2 Press Release.pdf Transit on the Move press release - public hearings
19 AO 2019-67 AM 2019-344 On-site Consumption.pdf Assembly Memorandum AM 2019-344 Title 21 On-site Consumption
19 AO 2019-67 AO 2019-67 DRAFT Title 21 On-site Consumption.pdf Assembly Ordinance AO 2019-67 Title 21 On-site Consumption
19 AO 2019-66 AO 2019-66 DRAFT 10.80 On-site Consumption.pdf Assembly Ordinance AO 2019-66 - Assembly Code 10.80
19 AO 2019-66 AM 2019-343 10.80 On-site Consumption.pdf Assembly Memorandum AM 2019-343 On-site Consumption Assembly Code 10.80
19 Municipal Marijuana Establishments Map Basics.pdf Municipal Marijuana Establishment Map Basics
19 Loussac Library Spring May 2019 Book Sale.pdf Library Book Sale - May 3-5, 2019
19 Transit on the move flyer.pdf Transit on the Move information - People Mover meetings and changes
19 USCensus job information.pdf US Census job information flyer
19 RevitalizeAnchorageJan7.pdf Revitalize Anchorage invitation
19 Frontierland Park notice.pdf Frontierland Park proposed transfer of easement to Chugach Electric Association Inc.
19 Homelessness Count Volunteer flyer.pdf Homeless Count flyer
19 Goose Lake Park Chugach Elec easement.pdf Goose Lake Park proposed transfer of easement to Chugach Electric Association Inc.
19 MOA Archives Rezone Meeting Invite.pdf MOA Archives Site Rezone invitation
19 NTCP Qualified Streets List.pdf MOA NTCP Qualified streets
19 NTCP Cover Letter - streets.pdf MOA NTCP cover letter re streets
19 NTCP Cull List.pdf MOA NTCP Cull list
19 MOA Climate Action Plan press release.pdf MOA Climate Action Plan press release - March 2019
19 Ballot Review Web.pdf Anchorage Municipal Election Ballot Review Information - LWV - 2019
19 RJSP MP - Public Workshop 1 Flyer.pdf Russian Jack Springs Park Master Plan Workshop #1 Flyer
19 Legislators-by-District 2019.pdf List of Alaska legislators by district
19 Legislator list 2019.pdf List of legislators with contact information
19 Mushing District Contribution Form.pdf Downtown Mushing District Contribution Form
19 MOA notice re earthquake repairs.pdf MOA notice about rebuilding after earthquake and checking contractors out
19 Updated IA Flyer Feb 28.pdf State of Alaska flyer with information to apply for assistance for the November 30, 2018 earthquake
EEOC Anchorage Workshop.pdf EEOC Workshop April 12, 2017
Robert's Rules of Order - Parliamentary Procedure for Meetings.pdf Robert's Rules of Order - Parliamentary Procedure for Meetings
Tips on Running a Public Meeting.pdf Tips on Running a Public Meeting
ADA Compliance Notice.pdf ADA for meeting notices

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