Do you enjoy the parks in our council area?


What about Tikishla Park, at 20th and Sunrise, home of our annual picnic, with two playground areas and a hockey rink?


Or Davenport Fields, including baseball diamonds at both Tikisha Park and down the trail by the trail bridge under Lake Otis?


And the Sitka Street Park near Eastridge subdivision, across from Merrill Field on Debarr?


And let's not forget the spacious but undeveloped Nichols Park at 16th and Columbine, just below the Airport Heights bluff.


Are there other natural areas you wish to see developed?



We need some Parks Committee members to help with items such as suggestions for developing our parks and working with other interested neighbors to apply for grants to improve our parks.


Please contact any officer listed under the Officers section on the left if you are interested in helping in this or any other way with our council!


In 2008 the Parks Department conducted a Parks Report Card project. Visit for links to report cards on Sitka and Tikishla parks.



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