South Addition Neighborhood Plan

A vision for South Addition’s future . . .                           


To share your views on the South Addition Neighborhood Plan or participate in the planning process, contact the SACC Executive Committee at

The Neighborhood Plan Committee welcomes your participation.


What will the Neighborhood Plan do?

The South Addition Neighborhood Plan will guide future growth and development in South Addition. It will work with the final 2040 Land Use Map Plan and the Anchorage 2020 Comprehensive Plan. See more information at Neighborhood Plan Library  

What is a Neighborhood Plan?

Neighborhood plans influence how a neighborhood is developed. They work with the broader municipal land use plans and zoning ordinances, drilling down to provide land use designations and guidance for growth tailored to the characteristics of the specific neighborhood.  


What is the Process?

In the Neighborhood planning process, the Municipality and residents of a neighborhood work together to envision the future of the neighborhood. Neighborhood plans begin with the residents of a recognized neighborhood, group leaders and community representatives brought together to set goals, determine objectives, and establish action strategies to preserve, enhance, or revitalize neighborhood assets.Throughout this process neighborhood concerns are addressed and coordination of efforts to solve problems is improved by working together.


Ultimately, a neighborhood plan is developed to resourcefully steer private investment and public services towards projects that are most important to residents. It also encourages healthy interaction between citizens, business leaders, interest groups, and government representatives. The final product of the neighborhood planning process is a living document composed of real projects.

South Addition's Neighborhood Plan Process. 

The South Addition Neighborhood Plan public Kick-off in September 2016 drew almost 100 interested South Addition residents to begin the work on identifying values important to South Addition and issues the community faces as it grows.   

In the November public meeting, twenty-five of our South Addition neighbors met in Groups to develop the neighborhood's goals based on the values identified at the September Workshop.  The Groups will continue meet  to identify goals, set objectives and address opportunities and challenges regarding:

Neighborhood Character 

Housing Opportunity and Density 

Walkability, Parks and Trails 

Public Safety 

Traffic and Noise 



to identify goals associated with the value themes that were identified in September, potential challenges or obstacles to attaining those goals, and possible solutions to those challenges. Working groups formed to continue developing goals for each of the value themes.  The groups will look at the challenges and look at best practices in these areas.  



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