Airport Heights Community Builders Community Patrol


Below are the new Rules of Operation for the AHCB Community Patrol, which were adopted December 17, 2015, amended October 10, 2016, and amended November 17, 2016.




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(AHCB Community Patrol)



The Airport Heights Community Builders Community Patrol is to be the eyes, voice, and ears for the Airport Heights Community Council and its residents.  As a community we are welcoming and respectful of all individuals.  We celebrate the diversity and unique qualities that each member of our community brings to our collective experience.  


To ensure these values are respected in our community patrol effort, when reporting, patrol members must use a standard form of reporting that includes:


Physical description:  Approximate height, weight or build, hair color, eye color, race/ethnicity, age, and color and style of clothing,


Mode of transportation:  On foot, by bike, by car or truck, to include color and style and when possible license plate for vehicles,


Type of activity:  Vandalism, theft, suspicious activity (shining lights in cars or home windows, etc.), consumption or sales of drugs or alcohol,


Time of day: as specific as possible to the time of day,


Location:  As specific as possible to the location (in the home, front yard, back yard, alley, etc.).


To be a member of the Airport Heights Community Builders Community Patrol a person must


  1. Be 21 years of age,
  2. Have a valid ADL and auto insurance, as the driver, doing vehicle patrolling,
  3. Be able to show a clear and clean background check (NCIC & APSIN) by the Anchorage Police Department or Alaska State Troopers,
  4. Complete the “Ride-A-Long Program with the Anchorage Police Department or other similar APD program, and
  5. Be a resident or business representative of the Airport Heights Community Council, the area in which the person will patrol and be willing to patrol in all areas within the boundaries of the council.


Community Patrol Member Procedures, Powers, and Duties 


  1. There will be a Community Patrol Coordinator who is responsible for maintaining an active roster of patrol members, including contact information, vehicle information, proof of insurance, patrol scheduling, and copies of all required training certificates.  The coordinator will also serve as the first point of contact if any issue arises.
  2. A mobile patrol should consist of at least two patrol members (driver and observer).  The bike and foot patrols should consist of at least two members.
  3. Patrol members may not patrol without communication (two-way radio or cell phone).  The patrol coordinator must be kept informed of all activities while members are on patrol.
  4. Patrol members may not drink alcohol or consume illegal substances within the eight-hour period of reporting for and going on duty.  Patrol members may not report for duty intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or medication.
  5. Patrol members may not carry firearms, night sticks, mace, or other offensive weapons but may carry flash lights or pepper spray.
  6. A patrol member’s duty is to deter crime by being highly visible in marked vehicles with signs, patrol jackets, hats, or some other highly visible way to identify the patrol member to the public.
  7. A patrol member may not enforce the law if by doing so places the patrol member in danger by having direct contact with a suspect.  The visible presence of the patrol member should be the deterrent for most suspicious or criminal activity.
  8. Patrol members do not possess police powers, cannot make an arrest, and must not confront, attempt to apprehend, or arrest a suspected criminal.
  9. Patrol members must obey the law at all times.
  10. A patrol member is to be a

*passive crime fighter,

*high visibility mobile crime deterrent,

*vigilant observer,

*good witness,

*thorough and accurate report writer.


The Airport Heights Community Builders Community Patrol’s responsibility is to report suspicious or criminal activity, help citizens in emergencies, educate the community about public safety, and to assist the Anchorage Police and Fire Departments, other law enforcement agencies, and area neighbors for a safe, drug and crime free, healthy community.



Join the Community Builders Community Patrol!


            If you are interested in becoming a member of the Airport Heights Community Builders Community Patrol, please download the application below, fill it out and notify Chris Kelliher by email - - and he will pick up your application with original signature and have it submitted for the background check.  You will be notified when the background check is completed.


If you have questions, please contact Chris Kelliher, the Community Patrol Coordinator.


CLICK HERE for the application.


CLICK HERE for a fill-in PDF version of the application.

CLICK HERE for a Word version of the application. 





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