The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at 7 PM in the library of the North Star Elementary School.



The NSCC usually meets in the library of the North Star Elementary School at 605 West Fireweed Lane (unless the school is closed) on the second Wednesday of the month.




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North Star Community Council History

North Star Community Council has a long history of success in its small but lively part of our city that is located between the downtown and midtown neighborhoods of Anchorage.


North Star pressured the Salvation Army to relocate a counseling center that had been located at the corner of Spenard Road and Hillcrest Drive. Counselees were in the streets all day and into the night.  In 2001, the new tenant parked buses all over residential streets.  In the winter they plowed snow into the street.  Today the building is occupied by a business appropriate to the area.


North Star has put pressure on area liquor stores to clean up their operations.  It has also cooperated with several stores to identify inebriates.  North Star helped put a troublesome liquor operator out of business ("A "Street between Fireweed and Northern Lights) and prevented Tesoro from opening a liquor store two lots away at their new gas station at Northern Lights and A Street less than two years later.  Mike Huelsman spearheaded a committee to address the problems of the homeless in camps.

Barbara Pepek led the effort to paint the mural on the Romig Hill retaining wall back in 1999.  Barbara is now leading another group to repaint the wall.


North Star folks helped make the Duck Walk at Westchester Lagoon a reality.  This place is much cleaner and safer place for ducks and people today. 


North Star has a long history of working with North Star Elementary School.  North Star residents work in the school, read to kids there, and cooperate with the school on cleanup efforts, particularly on the infamous stairs down the bluff and cleaning up inebriate camps.  NSCC volunteers have helped with the school’s health fair.


North Star’s kids learn about community service at a young age: when she was in elementary school in 1997, West High graduate Esther Perman made sure that Valley of the Moon Park got a new rocket when the old rocket was removed.


We are thankful that former State Representative Mike Doogan was able to put money in the FY2009 State of Alaska capital budget for the upgrade of the heavily used Valley of the Moon Park and got money to buy snow clearing equipment to clean Anchorage's sidewalks. Good work, Mike! The Valley of the Moon Park renovations have been completed with a new picnic pavillion and many new climbing toys for children of different ages. North Star residents joined with South Addition folks and the Anchorage Parks Department to develop a master plan for developing the park.

Working closely with the Spenard Community Council, we encouraged Mayor Berkowitz and the Assembly to improve the safety and efficiency of the northern end of Spenard Road.  Former Mayor Mark Begich completed a project in September 2010 to reconstruct Spenard Road from 30th Avenue (one block south of Benson Boulevard) to the north up to Chester Creek (just north of West 19th Avenue.) A separated and protected bike trail down Romig Hill (between Hillcrest Drive and West 19th Avenue) and a pedestrian bridge over Chester Creek help keep bikers and walkers safely away from the busy road while connecting them to the Chester Creek trail system.


The larger road renovation includes wider sidewalks and better pedestrian crosswalks on the portion of the project between Hillcrest Drive south along Spenard to Northern Lights Boulevard, Benson Boulevard and West 30th Avenue.  


Ernie Hall worked diligently to seek a compromise on the Spenard Road project. Thank you Ernie for putting safety first! Tim Steele was elected to fill Harriet's seat on the Assembly and has committed to bringing the safe streets design to fruition.


Thank you to Mayor Ethan Berkowitz for committing to pushing through the long awaited redevelopment of Spenard Road. And a HUGE thank you to Anchorage voters for supporting the road bonds in April 2016 that means a safer, more efficient Spenard Road by the end of the 2017 construction season!


Wow!  We’re busy in this neighborhood!  Notice that many of our successes were the work of a single person.   Without the sanction of the Community Council system, it is unlikely these individuals would have been able to do as much good for the community.



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