Picture of Fairview gateway marker - anchor at corner of Orca and 15th. Picture by Allen Kemplen. 


Fairview Demographics


Anchorage Park Foundation 


Anchorage Parks & Recreation Department




Alaska Pacific University


Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery


Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center


Anchorage Senior Center


Central Middle School


Denali Elementary School


Fairview Community Recreation Center


Fairview Elementary School


Food Bank of Alaska


Gateway Learning Center


Merrill Field


NAACP Anchorage 


West High School


University of Alaska Anchorage


Elected Officials:


Mayor Dave Bronson


Assemblyman Christopher Constant 


The Anchorage Assembly & Municipal Clerk 


Governor Mike Dunleavy


Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer


Senator Tom Begich 


Representative Zach Fields


Senator Dan Sullivan


Senator Lisa Murkowski


Representative Don Young


Public Safety:


Anchorage Police Department


Anchorage Fire Department 




Alaska Daily News


Anchorage Press


Alaska News Source





Welcome To Fairview!


The Fairview Community Council is currently meeting online via Zoom. 

  • Executive Board meeting - 1st Thursday @ 7:00 pm
  • General Membership meeting - 2nd Thursday @ 7:00 pm


Next General Membership Meeting

Thursday, March 9, 2023

7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Via Zoom and In-Person at the Fairview Community Recreation Center


Zoom Login: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84049110076 

Meeting ID: 840 4911 0076 


*Please note: General Membership meetings are recorded and may be live-streamed on social media byentities unaffiliated with the Fairview Community Council*


The Council also meets on an as-needed basis when Community issues/concerns warrant additional public involvement.


Noise Heat Map


This is a graphic display of data. It is similar to Crime Heat Maps published by the Anchorage Police Department.  The purpose is to map out levels and occurrences over time to visually illustrate whether there are any patterns of negative noise levels.’  Per the Ordinance, noise levels start to become bothersome at 50 decibels and when above 70 decibels become a serious public health issue.


Data is compiled using noise measurements collected by a free Noise App (NIOSH Sound Level Meter) developed by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.  It’s described at https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/pubs/apps and is available online for iOS users at the App Store.


If possible, keep a daily, weekly or monthly noise data log (location, date, time, type, dbl level) and upon completion send to the President of the Fairview Community Council listed on the front page of the site.  A heat map will be much easier to develop if weekly or monthly data is provided in an Excel spreadsheet. However any full data submissions are greatly appreciated.



Form Based Code on Winter Cities


If you wish to stay involved through the summer, consider attending the Fairview design workshops, every other Sunday and every third Thursday. 


See the attached flyer for details.


Design Workshop #4


The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Project Priorities for 2017 can be found here


Resolution 2017-01, A Resolution Concerning “Anchorage Talks Transit” Initiative proposed by the Municipality’s People Mover System, can be found here.


The Fairview Community Council normally meets at 7:00 pm on the second Thursday of each month at the Fairview Recreation Center, 1121 E 10th Avenue.


Please like or Follow Friends of Fairview Community Council to have the most up to date news on the happenings inside our community. We are currently working on Form-Based Code and community based design for our neighborhood. Please use the Facebook group as a place to keep the community updated.


We also encourage neighbors to use Next Door to promote a healthy, inviting character to the neighborhood. Start real discussions about the ways in which you can work with us to make your neighborhood better. 





A Dynamic Neighborhood in a Changing City



Older central city neighborhoods are constantly in transition.The greater the dynamism of a city, the more likely the older neighborhoods will rapidly transform, either into a stronger neighborhood that is a good place for people to invest themselves and their resources or into a weaker neighborhood where any investment is questionable.The Fairview Neighborhood of Anchorage is a clear example of an urban neighborhood in transition within the context of a thriving city.



Fortunately, due to the hard work of the Fairview Community Council, with the support of the Municipality of Anchorage, the Federation of Community Councils, the Anchorage Assembly and partner organizations, such as Neighbor Works Anchorage, the transformation over the last decade shows a consistent record of improvement.


The Fairview Community Council,one of Anchorage's original community councils, was created by the Anchorage Assembly through AR 76-82 in 1976. The FVCC has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most effective community councils within the Municipality of Anchorge. In 2006 the Anchorage Assembly honored the Fairview Community Council with an Assembly Resolution recognizing the 30th Anniversary of the Council's founding.



A new Fairview Elementary School, improved streets and traffic flows along Karluk Street and 15th Avenue, upgraded rental properties, new construction of homes and condos, and a rebounding real estate market have combined to re-position Fairview as a revitalizing neighborhood.This outcome has been further supported by new gateway entry signs, improved commercial facilities, and the hands-on hard work of neighborhood leaders, businesses and property owners. Overall, the message has been strong and clear:Fairview is once again a solid choice for buyers and renters seeking good quality housing at very competitive prices in the Anchorage market.



This success should be acknowledged and celebrated.Far too often similar neighborhoods have not been able to reverse the trends of disinvestment.Regrettably, this is also not the time to rest on laurels.The reality is that transition in older neighborhoods is always tenuous; it is critical that local leaders, working with the Community Council, make a conscious decision to reinforce what is working effectively in Fairview and to minimize or even eliminate what could undermine the neighborhood.



The Fairview Community Council, through its Neighborhood Revitalization Committee, is busy writing, with input from residents, property owners and businesses, a Neighborhood Plan that will lay the foundation for a Fairview that celebrates diversity, while balancing future development and a vibrant business community with quality of life. The committee is also taking lead on developing a HUD sanctioned Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy.



Fairview, one of Anchorage's Historic 4 Neighborhoods (the others being Downtown, South Addition and Government Hill), is a rich, vibrant and diverse Neighborhood, where "Everyone Knows Your Name." In Fairvew "People Make The Difference." Please join the dedicated Members of the Fairview Community Council as they build a brighter future for Fairview. Help Make A Difference!



Fairview Community Council Priority Objectives















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Views expressed on Facebook may not represent official positions of the Fairview Community Council. This web page is the Council's official page. The Council's Facebook page is a social networking page and is open to public discussion and expression of views which may not represent official positions of the Council. Under Anchorage's Municipal Charter, Community Councils are non-partisan and non-political.




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