Rogers Park Community Council

including Anchor Park, College Village, Woodside East and Rogers Park



The Midtown Congestion Relief Final Report is now available here and more information can be found at the MCR website. And here is the RPCC Resolution - also found in the menu under Resolutions. 


RPCC will meet unofficially for our monthly meetings using Zoom.  


The RPCC will meet next on September 14th at 7 pm. 


Agenda and login information for our meeting Monday.


Got to and login with


Meeting ID: 629 674 2010

Password: RPCC2020



Rogers Park Community Council Monday, September 14, 2020, 7 pm Agenda


  1. Call to order and welcome – Presiding: Janet Bidwell, President
  2. Approval of Minutes: March 9, 2020 (action item)
  3. Treasurers report: Ric Wilson
  4. FCC Report:   Julie Bleier and Jim Wright
    1. APD Community Update: Chief Doll, APD Deputy Chief McCoy and APD Deputy Chief Kerle (20 minutes)


  1. Committee Reports:
    1. Nominating Committee - Election of Officers: Pete Mjos (action item) Steve Lindbeck, President

Linda Chase, Vice President Ric Wilson, Treasurer

Mark Foster, Secretary


  1. Crime and Safety Committee: Linda Chase
  2. Garden and Beautification of RPCC: Zack Zaletel appointed Chair
    1. September 12th, 9am-1pm: neighborhood cleanup
    2. September 26th, neighborhood cleanup (subject to sufficient interest)


  1. Midtown Congestion Relief (MCR) Committee: Update re: new committee
  2. ADU Committee Report: Nothing new to report


  1. Representative Reports: (5 minutes each)


  1. Legislative Report(s): Senator Elvi Gray-Jackson (SD-I)

Representative Andy Josephson (HD-17)

Representative Harriet Drummond (HD-18)

  1. Assembly Report(s):    Meg Zaletel, Assembly member

Felix Rivera, Assembly Chair

  1. School Board Report: Margo Bellamy, School Board Representative
  2. New Business
    1. East 24th Traffic Calming Resolution - Pete Mjos
    2. Golden Lion hotel to be used as a Treatment Center - Linda Chase
    3. Announcements and member comments:
    4. Adjournment



Rogers Park Community Council: Federation of Community Councils: Municipality of Anchorage:

The Rogers Park Community Council complies with Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and is an equal opportunity organization. Reasonable accommodations will be made available to qualified individuals with disabilities upon request. Please contact the Community Councils Center, 907-277-1977, no later than 10 days prior to the meeting date to make necessary arrangements.


This form was developed by a community member to help identify and help neighbors.
The form is ready:


RPCC meets at 7 pm on the second Monday of the month at the (currently via Zoom) BP Energy Center, 1014 Energy Court. Click here for a map.


 Rogers Park logo


Welcome to the Rogers Park Community Council


The Rogers Park Community Council is bounded by Chester Creek on the north, 36th Avenue on the south, New Seward Hwy. on the west, Lake Otis Boulevard on the east, and also includes Anchor Park Subdivision to the northeast of the Lake Otis-Northern Lights Boulevard Intersection.


The Council’s purpose is to provide a direct and continuing means of citizen participation in local affairs. The council provides a forum for introduction and discussion of local and city issues and advises the Anchorage Assembly and other groups regarding issues that affect its geographic area. The Rogers Park Community Council is affiliated with the Anchorage Federation of Community Councils. Any resident or property owner within in the boundaries of the council is a member.


The Rogers Park Community Council’s monthly meeting is held at 7:00 PM every second Monday of the month at the BP Energy Center, 1014 Energy Drive. Our representatives on the Anchorage Assembly often attend the meetings and make brief presentations, offering you an opportunity to speak with them directly.


People come to Community Council meetings because they are interested in what's going on in their community. About 20 to 50 people regularly attend meetings, depending on the issues on the agenda. Often people attend their first meeting because of something happening in their neighborhood that they are concerned about, be it new construction, traffic issues, nuisance behavior by neighbors, or road construction.


The meetings are an easy, comfortable place to communicate with community leaders, legislators, and neighbors about how to make the Rogers Park area an even better place to live, work, and play. It's an opportunity to just sit and listen for an hour and a half, once a month, learning things you would never know otherwise, and often protecting your investment in your home or business. No commitment is required, and it is free!



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