Eagle River Community Council           

Join Us! The Eagle River Community Council meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. 


Good Morning All (December 7, 2018),


In case you may not have heard, our meeting place for our Community Council was damaged during last Friday’s earthquake.


We were informed it will not be ready for use for several weeks.


It was agreed upon by the board to CANCEL our December 2018 ERCC meeting.


We will resume with our monthly meetings in January 2019.


Very Respectfully,

~Tim Ebben

ERCC Chair


Next meeting is Thursday, January 10th 201p.  


Meetings located in Room 170 at 12001 Business Boulevard, Eagle River, Alaska 99577 


Get Involved! The Eagle River Community Council is recruiting members. Please call  attend the next meeting to learn more about this opportunity to be a leader in the Eagle River community. 


Contact the Eagle River Community Council

12001 Business Blvd. #123

Eagle River, Alaska 99577

(907) 360-8313





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